In 2013, Bogota is Music

March 18, 2013 to March 31, 2013
  • In March Bogota will host the International Music Festival "Bogota is Beethoven" and the America Cantat 7 Festival.  Use the hahstag #BogotaesMusica on social networks.

On March 7th, 2012, Bogota was appointed Creative City of Music by UNESCO, on account of the massive attendance to both private and public festivals organized in the city, and to the emerging creation of musical groups of different genres. 

One year later, the city will host two notorious international events: the First International Music Festival and the seventh version of the America Cantat Festival.  

These events have been organized thanks to the City's efforts in terms of musical  promotion and development, through industry-supporting programs. Institutions such as the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports and the Ministry of Culture drive the large number of activities carried out every month in the Capital City.


March, 2013, is Music Month in Bogota

Festival de Música de Bogotá 2013, Bogotá es Beethoven, UNESCO, ciudad creativa de la música

The International Music Festival: "Bogota is Beethoven"  will be the first instance of an event that will show a side of the significant role that academic music plays in the city. 

This summit, to be held every two years and alternating with the Bogota Latin American Theater Festival will take place between March 27th and 20th. It will incorporate 420 artists that will pay tribute to Ludwig Van Beethoven's works.

The Festival will have different symbolic venues in Bogota such as the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater, the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Theater, the Huitaca Auditorium at City Hall, the El Tunal Park Public Library, the Virgilio Barco Library, and the El Tintal Library. 

Almost in parallel, Bogota will host another world-class musical event. From March 23rd to 31st, the best conductors, choirs and choir singers in the world will meet in Bogota during the America Cantat 7 Festival, organized by the Colombian Choir and Orchestra Corporation. 

Festival America Cantat 7, coralistas de talla mundial, Festival Mundial de Coros, BogotáIn its seventh version, America Cantat will call upon close to 1.500 musicians from 30 countries, and over 36 concerts will be held in four choir paths. 

Over the course of nine days, choirs will be taking over locations such as the Colombian National Museum, the Fabio Lozano Auditorium, the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Theater, the Leon de Greiff Auditorium, the Bogota Fine Arts Theater; as well as the communications development centers, foundations, orphanages, churches and malls.

Especially of note is the attendance of musicians from countries such as Australia, England, the United States, Belgium, South Africa, the Philippines and Mexico


World-class festivals

Bogota's role in musical events stems from its position as a convergence spot for Colombian culture. The city has a broad musical offering which is welcoming to public festivals which  include Jazz in the Park, Salsa in the Park, Opera in the Park, Hip Hop in the Park, Colombia in the Park, the Center Festival and Rock in the Park, the largest free rock festival in Latin America. 


Places with tradition

There are three venues in Bogota which have hosted world-class events:

  • The Plaza de Bolivar (Bolivar's Square), Bogota's cultural epicenter, with a classic 16th century architecture.  
  • The Nemesio Camacho El Campín Soccer Stadium, home to the city's classic teams, which seats 40.000 people.
  • The Simón Bolivar Park, which has hosted most of the large-scale music festivals held in the city, and which has on several occasions received over 60.000 spectators on a single day for events such as Rock the Park. 

There are also other significant venues such as the Plaza la Santamaría (The Santamaria Bull-Fighting Ring), which used to be a bull-fighting arena, and is now a cultural space; the Media Torta, a traditional spot for music in Bogota for over 70 years, and the Mobile Stage, which rolls through the city's streets taking musical shows to the residents of Bogota. 


A place for doing music

In addition to the large offering of theaters, stages and locations to listen to, and enjoy, the different music genres, there is a significant number of programs and academies which are driving new talent in both the city and the country. 

Some of the most renowned are in universities such as Nacional, Javeriana, Sergio Arboleda, Los Andes, El Bosque, INCCA de Colombia, Fundación Universitaria Juan N. Corpas, the Guerrero Arts Academy and the Fernando Sor Music and Audio School. 


On the artists' radar

Bogota has earned a spot on the list of cities included by major artists on their tours. Paul McCartney, Metallica, Megadeth, Elton John, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga and Guns N' Roses are some of the stars that have been to Bogota on tour.

This year, the city is preparing for important events such as the Stereo Picnic Festival, which will include bands such as The Killers and Café Tacuba.  Added to this, 2013 will be remembered in Bogota as being the year in which a legendary band came on tour: The Cure.

Along with cities such as Seville (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Glasgow (Scotland), and Ghent (Belgium), Bogota continues to demonstrate that being a member of Network of Creative Cities is an honor that it keeps thanks to its development and support to musical culture in both Colombia and the world. 


You can also be a reporter: #BogotaesMusica

As a means to get people involved in the progress of the two major music events to be held in March, Invest in Bogota, jointly with the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater, the Executive Committee at América Cantat, the IDRD, IDARTES and the Bogotá Convention Bureau have created the hashtag: #BogotaesMusica, through which they invite everyone to share your experiences and ideas around the International Music Festival: "Bogota is Beethoven" and the America Cantat Festival, throughout March.

Be a part of it all using the #BogotaesMusica hashtag from your Twitter and Instagram accounts, and turn March into a musical event for the whole world on social networks. 


Music takes to the streets in Bogota

The city held two "Flash" presentations in two key points in Bogota, as a means to promote the two major musical events to be held in March.  The "Los Heroes" stop in the Transmilenio mass-transit system and the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater.  

Check out these experiences:
  • Bogota is Music at Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: click here
  • Bogota is Music at  ‘Los Héroes’ stop in Transmilenio mass-transit system: click here

In March, Bogota is the city of music. We invite you to enjoy the spectacular concerts of the International Music Festival: "Bogota is Beethoven" and the America Cantat Festival, and to discover the cultural offering that Bogota has for you.