About Invest in Bogota

Invest in Bogota is the investment promotion agency for Bogota, a public-private partnership between the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Bogota City Government.

Our mission is to support investors that are exploring opportunities in Bogota. In 2009 we were ranked as the top non-OECD investment promotion agency in the world by the World Bank.

We have a multidisciplinary team with sector-specific expertise, which allows us to provide prospective investors with value-added advice and information.  


Our services

We offer, free of charge, and in absolute confidentiality, services for investors during each stage of their investment process.

Exploratory Phase

  • General, sector, and company-specific information.
  • Coordination of fact-finding visits to Bogota.
  • Meetings with government and regulatory authorities.
  • Visits to existing investors.
  • Meetings with professional service firms.
  • Meetings with educational and training institutions.

Start-Up Phase

  • Advice during start-up.
  • Support with permits and regulations.
  • Contacts with potential suppliers, clients or partners.

Operational Phase

  • Follow up with your company's development.
  • Support for reinvestment-related activities.
  • Networking with other companies.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the business climate.


Please contact us at:

Phone:  +57 (1) 742-3030
Fax: +57 (1) 742-3050
Address: Carrera 7 no. 71-21, Torre B, oficina 407. Bogotá, Colombia.




Executive Direction

Juan Gabriel Perez 
Executive Director.
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 300

Dora Florez
Executive Assistant
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 322


Financial and Administrative Management 

María Ximena Obando
Financial and Administrative Manager 
+57 (1) 742-3030 Ext. 302

Javier Grisales
Administrative Assistant  
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 301.

Milena Hernández Ortiz
Information Technology Officer
T (57) 1 7423030, Ext 319 | C (57) 3143131410

Leidy Vanegas Muñoz
Administrative and Financial Professional
T (57) 1 7423030, Ext 324

Oscar Figueroa
Quality System Advisor
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 398 


Investment Promotion Management

Luisa Fernanda Mesa
Investment Promotion Manager - Investment sectors 
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 305

Carolina Hoyos
Investment Officer - Industrials
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 307

Juan Pablo Quintana
Junior Investment Officer - Industrials
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 317

Simón Beltran
Junior Investment Officer- Creative and Cultural Industries
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 311

Nicolas Quintero
Junior Investment Officer- Creative and Cultural Industries
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 312

Juan Sebastián Pérez
Investment Officer - Life Sciences and biotechnology
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 313 

David Canal
Junior Investment Officer - Life Sciences and biotechnology
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 312

Annia Guatibonza
Investment Officer - Infrastructure
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 323

Sandra Escobar
Junior Investment Officer - Infrastructure
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 312

Juan Fernando Anzola
Junior Investment Officer - Technology-based services
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 310

María Consuelo Arías
Junior Investment Officer - Technology-based services
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 306


City Marketing and Communications Management  

David Melo 
Marketing and Communications Manager
+57 (1) 7423030 Ext. 326

Leonardo Nieto
City Marketing and Communication Officer
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 328

Carolina Hernández
City Marketing and Communication Officer
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 320

Miguel Angel Hernandez
Marketing and Communication Officer
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 335

Viviana Mollinares
Marketing and Communication Officer
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 343

Carolina Villarreal
Junior Marketing and Communication Officer
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 329


Strategy and Special Projects Management  

Adriana Forero
Strategy and Special Projects Manager
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext. 322

Mauricio Romero
Head of Research and Market Intelligence
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext.321

Juan Martinez
Investment Climate Officer
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext 333

Felipe Martinez
Market Intelligence Analyst 
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext.333

Jenifer Barajas
Market Intelligence Analyst 
+57 (1) 742 3030 Ext 337


Environmental Policy. Invest in Bogota 2012 - 2016

At Invest in Bogota, we recognize the environment as a key factor in the development of our activities and in compliance with applicable environmental regulatory framework and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, we undertake to define the issues and environmental impacts (energy consumption, water, waste and hazardous recyclable usable, paper consumption, etc.) aimed at guiding actions that may lead management to prevent pollution, the development of programs and projects involving employees, contractors, suppliers and customers in a joint work with environmental management, our commitment is to ensure the monitoring of the actions taken and to promote continuous improvement in environmental management.

To ensure the implementation of this commitment WE will follow the following basic principles:

  • Rational use of the resources and compliance with all legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes to.  
  • Reduction of the environment´s negative impact produced as a result of the activity carried out at the Corporation´s facilities. 

  • Development of an environmental culture among our staff, so it reflects in our business, social and community environment in general. 

  • Thrive on the principle of prevention instead of on the principle of correction. 

  • Planning of programs and projects taking into consideration objectives, goals, indicators and the budget needed for the development of them. 

  • The diffusion and socialization of the environmental policy to external actors is done by publishing it on a visible space for visitants to see and at the Invest in Bogota´s website. 


Habeas Data Text

In accordance with the dispositions set forth under Article 10, of Decree 1377 of 2013, regulating Law 1581 of 2012, the CORPORACIÓN PARA EL DESARRROLLO Y LA PRODUCTIVIDAD BOGOTÁ REGIÓN-REGIÓN DINAMICA- INVEST IN BOGOTA (hereon INVEST IN BOGOTA), as holder of the personal data obtained through its different management offices and information and contact channels offered through its web portal and other means of contact, hereby asks investors, entrepreneurs, partners, journalists, suppliers, users and, in general, any individual owner of personal data, who has been a user of the services and/or products provided by INVEST IN BOGOTA, to provide authorization to continue with the treatment of its personal data in accordance with the privacy policies that have been set forth in accordance with the dispositions set forth by Law 1581 of 2012, on the Protection of Personal Data in Colombia.

The personal information and data provided to INVEST IN BOGOTA may be processed, collected, stored, used, circulated, suppressed, shared, updated and/or broadcast, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the privacy policies established by the Corporation, as applicable, mainly for promotional commercial, administrative, and contact purposes and, in general to enable the provision of its services as well as the disclosure of its products and services.

The party responsible for the treatment of your personal data is INVEST IN BOGOTA, who shall collect them and treat them to:

a) Tend to or formalize any kind of service you may request or require.
b) Statistical purposes, or for the conduction of surveys.
c) Making summons or invites.
d) Assessing the quality of our services.
e) Sending periodical information about our services or general information about the city. 

In accordance with the procedures set forth under Law 1581 of 2012, and Decree 1377 of 2013, the owners of the information may exercise their rights to know, update, rectify and suppress their personal data, by sending a request to the following e-mail or, if they prefer, by calling the following phone number in Bogota: (57-1) 7423030, or sending a fax to (57-1) 7423050.