During the last years Bogota has positioned itself as a center of reference in the country and at a regional level for the production and postproduction of audiovisual content. The city concentrates the majority of companies of the value chain of the sector in the country, with 74% of the companies of the sector, followed by regions like Antioquia-Medellin 10% and Valle-Cali with 6%.

Bogota counts with 50 tertiary education programs (at the Technical, Technological, Professional and Postgraduate levels), that have graduated between 2001 and 2015 an annual average of 3700 students, a figure that represents 52% of the total graduates of the country.

Bogota-region stands out for a wide offer of outdoor locations and studios, which offers a diversity of scenarios for any type of production. The use of public space for filming is regulated by the PUFA (Unified Permission for Audiovisual Films), which provides the necessary permits of all entities of the district government. 


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Bogota has the presence of all governmental institutions, which allows access to financing, support and accompaniment for the production of audiovisual content. This also makes Bogota a competitive center in terms of costs, since it allows finding all the services in just one place.

Bogota is also home to the most important events of the sector in the country, which have positioned as platforms for exhibition and business with international standards.




Updated (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/22/2017