These are companies, organizations and public and private entities working with Invest in Bogota in the international promotion of the city.


Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

The purpose of the CCB is to increase the prosperity of the residents of the Bogota - Region, strengthening enterpreneurial capabilities and improving competitiveness and shared value, under the principles of governance and a long term vision of the city.

The CCB provides services regarding public records, dispute resolution, enterprise services, competitiveness and shared value as well as governance and entrepreneurial knowledge. 

Dirección Distrital de Relaciones Internacionales

An entity under the Secretary General of Bogota, its purpose is to connect Bogota to the world through international projection and cooperation, strengthening relations with other cities and regions in the world, the provision of services to the people of Bogota living as migrants abroad and through public-private alliances.  

Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico de Bogotá

Aids in improving the productivity of entrepreneurs, businessmen and individuals, especially those in vulnerable conditions, designing and implementing policies with specific technological and management services, in order to promote the city's economic growth.

To fulfill its goal, the Secretary has implemented programs such as Alimenta Bogotá (Feed Bogota), Banca Capital (Capital Banking), Bogotá Emprende (Entrepreneurial Bogota), Vitrina Virtual Bogotá Trabaja (Bogota Works - Virtual Showcase) and the Red de Empresarios Innovadores (Network of Innovative Entrepreneurs). 

City Tourism Institute

The City Tourism Institute, under the City Secretary for Economic Development (SDDE), promotes and positions the city's tourism activities, as well as manage competitiveness and sustainability of the city as a tourist destination. 

The IDT offers services related to social responsibility, tourism culture, tourism ethics, tourism information spots, exporting culture, accessibility and tourism undertakings.  


Secretaría Distrital de Cultura, Recreación y Deporte

Directing formulation of policies, plans and programs in areas pertaining to culture, heritage, recreation and sports in Bogota. Ensuring citizens´s rights to cultural, sports and recreational practices in Bogota.

The Secretary works in the promotion of culture (astronomy, performing arts, audio-visual contents, literature, music, visual arts, heritage), recreation and sports.


Bogota's International Business and Trade-show Center - Corferias, is a private institution for industrial, social, cultural and commercial development in the Andean Region, Central America and the Caribbean. Its main shareholder is the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

Corferias organizes trade-shows, expos and conventions, that aim to generate qualified contacts between visitors and presenters with the highest international standards for venue management. It also promotes and organizes Colombia's involvement in trade-shows and expos abroad, aiding companies in promoting country's industrial and commercial development. 

Bogotá Conventions Bureau

The Bogota Convention Bureau manages international corporate events, with support from 104 affiliated companies in sectors such as five-star hotels, auditoriums, convention centers, venues, travel agencies and event organizers, among others.

The Bogota Convention Bureau is a member of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) and is an affiliate of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB).

The Business Year

The Business Year is an International research firm and publisher of annual economic resources specialised in research on national economies and business intelligence across emerging markets. It operates in over 35 countries bringing first-hand insights to investors, businesses and governments worldwide. TBY features in every publication over 150 face-to-face interviews with top business leaders and government representatives thus assessing trends in all major economic sectors of the country and providing a comprehensive perspective of the local economic development.