Awards and Distinctions

Bogota has undergone an extraordinary transformation over the past few years, efforts that have resulted in the city winning numerous international awards. A selection of these accolades are listed below:


City of Music. Member of the Creative Cities Network of UNESCO 2012:
Bogota promotes music as a tool for socio-economic progress and cultural diversity.

World Book Capital (Capital Mundial del Libro) 2007:
UNESCO named Bogota a World Book capital in recognition of its multiple programs to encourage reading.

Gold Lion for Best City 2006:
During the tenth anniversary event of the Venice Biennal, Bogota received this award for its innovative solutions for mobility, social inclusion, and use of public space.

City with Heart 2005:
This UN award was given in recognition of volunteer work that contributes to urban development at the community level.

Active Cities-Healthy Cities 2005: 
This award recognized Bogota’s outdoor bicycle and physical activity programs.

Digital City 2004:
This award recognized Bogota’s innovative e-government initiatives.

Cities for Peace 2002:
This UNESCO award recognized initiatives that build social cohesion and a spirit of good neighborliness in Bogota.

Access to Learning 2002: 
Recognition from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the efforts Bogota has made to provide citizens with information in an effective and easily accessible manner.

Stockholm Challenge 2000:
This award recognizes Bogota’s “Day without Cars” as an innovative proposal for urban mobility.


In addition, some of the most prominent international media has taken note of Bogota’s transformation:

Bogota, the fourth largest city in South America, with seven million inhabitants, has many varied restaurants, world-class museums, and a magical colonial quarter. It is the capital of Colombia and its intellectual center, a city filled with bright lights that is friendly to pedestrians, who have 75 miles of streets for their exclusive use, be they cycling or walking, every Sunday. Plus the climate is mild, with maximum temperatures of 60°F year-round.

Seth Kugel, The New York Times

Bogota, that once was a chaotic capital, is now a model city. The visionary leadership of the last three Mayors is reflected in the city’s positive transformation. Public finances have improved while insecurity and traffic jams have diminished, and numerous works in infrastructure and more orderly traffic have made Bogota liveable again! Experts in urban planning from all over the world are looking closely at its example.

Chris Kraul, Los Angeles Times

Bogota, the capital of the country is a mirror image of all Colombia: a city with futurist architecture, splendid colonial churches, and brilliant museums, and that possesses a cultural dynamism that befits such an intellectually active and diverse city.