Bogota Audiovisual Market: international showcase of local talent

July 08, 2013 to July 12, 2013

The fourth edition of the Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM) will be held between July 8th and 12th, organized by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Proimágenes Colombia, with Canada as the guest of honor; this event has become one of the most recognized in Latin America, and the most important of its kind in Colombia. BAM serves as a platform to promote business opportunities between professionals in the local audio-visual industry, and high executives from international production and distribution companies, as well as investors from all over the world.

This edition of the BAM will include representatives from leading companies in the world market, including Pavel Krapivin, Vice President at Warner Entertainment (USA); Doris Casap, Vice President at HBO; Dylan Leiner, Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Production at Sony Pictures Classics; and Niv Fichman, Producer for Rhombus Media Inc. (Canada). 

The main event at BAM will be the business round to be held at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, with spaces and activities focused on the production and distribution of finished movies, projects under development, digital animation, children's television series and services related to this industry. 

Over 1,200 people registered this year, which represents an increase of 408% compared to the 322 who registered for the 2012 edition.  In terms of international buyers, this edition will see a 163% increase, from 62 participants in 202, to 205.  In total, 103 projects were registered compared to 56 from last year, which represents a 84% increase. Also, 95 services companies will be present, compared to 52 in the previous edition, which accounts for an 82% growth. 

In order to facilitate the promotion and distribution of movies in their final stage of post-production, or those requiring sales agents, the business round also has the BAM screenings, projecting movies in a cinema on Avenida Chile, which has been exclusively dedicated to the participants in this event.  Also, throughout all of BAM, international professionals will have the opportunity to get to know all of the country's recent national audio-visual production, through an on-line video repository developed with German Reelport, the company tasked with the management of the audio-visual materials at the Cannes Festival, along with other important cinema festivals. 

The BAM will have conferences and academic activities included into the BAM Talks, to be held at the Gimnasio Moderno, where renowned national and international professionals will address matters such as "Making movies for the world", "All roads lead to transmedia", "Coffee a lá Canadian: co-production with Canada", among others.  For those who could not register, 11 conferences will be streamed through the event's Web site.

For María Isabel Agudelo, Vice President of Corporate Strengthening at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, "BAM is an effort that is part of the program to make the city's cultural and creative industries more competitive.  To this end, this institution offers different programs and assistance, as well as platforms for both domestic as well as international promotion:  these include the Bogota Music Market - BAM, the BOmm - Bogota Music Market, and ArtBo - the Bogota Art Fair". 

Why Bogota? 

Andrés Bayona, Project Director at Proimágenes states that the goal of BAM is to position Bogota as a regional hub for audio-visual business, a goal that each edition brings one step closer, thus turning BAM into "one of the most important markets for projects under development in Latin America, with a full offering of products and services in the sector". 

As a result of the Cinema Law (Law 814 of 2003), over the past 10 years the country has enjoyed the benefits of audiovisual production. According to Proimágenes, "Colombia released an average of 4 movies per year, between 1996 and 2003. This figure grew to 14.3 movies per year between 2007 and 2012, a period which saw the release of 86 national productions. A total of 23 Colombian movies were released in 2012. Attendance to national movies grew from 2.4 million people in 2007 to 3.4 million in 2012".

In addition to the efforts undertaken by the country in the last decade, and seeking to foster the arrival of foreign capital for audio-visual production, Law 1556 (Colombian Filming Law) was passed in 2012, under which the production companies of movies which were fully or partially filmed in-Country will have a return equivalent to 40% of their expenses for movie services, and 20% of all hotel expenses, food and transportation. Estimates indicate that with this law, within 5 years Colombian economy would earn revenues in excess of 200 million dollars, and generate 4,000 new jobs.

Juan Gabriel Perez, Executive Director at Invest in Bogota states "this scenario has drawn the attention of international investors, who find in the city the human resources and ancillary services they need to develop their businesses, especially in the production of digital contents.  Bogota concentrates close to 73% of all companies in the digital contents sector, in Colombia, as well as 55% of all video-games companies".  

Bogota is host to 90% of the movie and audio-visual industry in Colombia, with the BAM being the ideal venue to close business opportunities, generating revenues and employment to position the capital city as the audio-visual hub in Latin America.

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