Bogota, notorious as a technological development center in Colombia 3.0.

September 03, 2013 to September 05, 2013

The Colombian capital strengthens its position as one of the most fertile markets for the digital industry. With solid figures in terms of software, video games and digital contents, Bogota is an attractive market to generate new business and to move on novel ideas.


FileBogota, Latin America technology center


Why invest in Bogota's digital industry?

  • Bogota is located on a sophisticated communications node, with extensive and competitive spaces for both local as well as off-shore operations.
  • It boasts a broad offering of highly skilled professionals, technicians and technologists to work on Web contents, graphic design and systems engineering.
  • There are over 35 institutions in Bogota, offering higher education programs for this industry.
  • Bogota's labor force is mostly bilingual, with knowledge of enterprise software services on the most common platforms (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM).
  • The city is home to over 40.000 students in engineering majors related to the ITC sector, which represents a constant feed into a broad labor market, with over 4 million people.
  • The Colombian capital is an operations hub for the providers required to start a software development operation.
  • Its infrastructure development is directed towards consolidating tech park project, that will generate a new driver for companies establishing their operations in the city. 
  • The sector has extensive experience in the production of animated material for TV spots, as well as a significant growth in the production of TV series and movies.
  • Colombia and Bogota provide a broad digital development ecosystem, that is expanding rapidly.
  • Associations, tech development centers and universities are working jointly to strengthen the industry.


Bogota:  digital industry figures

  • Bogota concentrates 65% of all software companies in the country.[1]
  • 63% of companies in Bogota offer tailor-made software development services.[2]
  • Between 2006 and 2011, revenues in the software and related services industry grew at a compounded rate of 18.7%.[3]
  • Bogota focuses 55% of all video game developer companies in the country.[4]


Colombia 3.0

Between September 3rd and 5th, Bogota will host Colombia 3.0, a event which brings together entrepreneurs, academics and investors around innovation and business opportunities in the digital industry.

Colombia 3.0 is a non-for-profit initiative by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, and will be held at the T-Zone in Bogota. This new edition of the event seeks to continue with the process to consolidate this space as a convergence point for the digital contents industry, due to its relevance as the hub for new enterprise spaces in the region, and thanks to its benefits as a business center.

Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director for Invest in Bogota believes that "hosting these kinds of events in the city, which brings together associations, companies and public and private institutions focused on the development of the country's digital industry, helps large technology and content development companies set their sights in Bogota".


Special activities in Colombia 3.0.

The event will have spaces available for enterprise meets, business and investment opportunities, workshops focused on the use of, and opportunities from technology platforms. 

  • SOFTIC. It is the most important trade summit in the Software and IT industry, and is organized by Fedesoft, Proexport Colombia and the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.
  • Alice Workshop. Training will be given to 60 national and city teachers in the use of the Alice Platform, a successful tool for creating virtual reality animations.
  • Instagram Contest. This event, directed towards photography enthusiasts will reward the best 30 pictures with a large format exhibit at a renowned gallery.
  • Design Thinking. This seminar will have 30 participants, who will analyze the changes in the communications ecosystem, from process digitalization and the advent of "Geekonomy".
  • Clínica Cloud. Entrepreneurs will build key strategic contacts and network with business partners, and will learn about the challenges being faced by technological proposals.


Furthermore, activities such as the Adobe Camp, Barcamp and the mobile video contest will be carried out.


Guests to Colombia 3.0

Renowned entrepreneurs and developers from the technological environment will be present at the event. Some of the most notorious are:

●        Avner Geller: Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks and Oscar Winner as a student. Avner was raised in Israel. He received his degree in animation from the Florida Ringling College for the Arts and Design, where he made his first short film: Defective Detective. This film received that year's Academy Student Award, as well as a nomination to the Annie awards. He worked as an intern animator at Pixar Animation Studios, and currently works as a visual development artist at DreamWorks Animation.

●        Albert Lai:  CEO at Big Viking Games.  Albert Lai is the co-founder and CEO of Big Viking Games; he was deputy council and co-founder of six other companies.  More recently, he has been working with Kontagent, an analytics platform financed by Facebook, and with BubbleShare, a picture-sharing service owned by Disney.

●     Wanda Dann: Director of the Alice Program at Carnegie Mellon. She will lead the Alice Workshop, jointly with two other instructors, sharing her experience with this tool.

●     Jari Ängeslevä: Finnish specialist in business development, and in the development of investments, sales, the construction of channels, mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets such as India, China and Eastern Europe. Throughout his career he has founder companies and representation offices in Eastern Europe and Asia; he has led sales departments in several countries, and has been a consultant for several IT companies in expansion strategies, innovation, mergers and acquisitions.


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