Bogota Short-Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS

December 06, 2013 to December 11, 2013

Recently, and after 10 years of work promoting Colombian short films, In Vitro Visual, and the Vitro Visual International Festival have been renamed to the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS, always keeping the essence which has been its guiding principle: strengthen the movement around short films as a key expression that facilitates cinematography.

This International Festival picks up on the 10 years of experience believing in short films, starting from a small alternative display, and becoming an event which summons all the features of a true fest around short films where Santa Lucia, the official statuette will be the guiding light along the way, in annual deliveries that come with fill force on the first week of December.

However, BOGOSHORTS is more than just an event: It is a movement born in Bogota and extending into world with activities which include a broad, alternative and continuous showcase circuit in Bogota - BOGOSHORTS sessions, accompanied with the development of specialized media - BOGOSHORTS tv, news and magazine, complemented by industrial strengthening activities - CORTO EN OBRA (SHORTS UNDER CONSTRUCTION) and, of course, with the inclusion of an agenda for national and international circulation, with BOGOSHORTS world tour, among others. 

FAITH in CINEMA, FAITH in SHORT FILMS, and FAITH in BOGOTA are at the core of the desire to revolutionize short films, with a series of moments throughout the year to generate "movement" around them, finally closing with the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS, whose 11th edition will be held between December 6th and 11th, 2013.


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