How to invest in Bogotá?

Find detailed information on relevant issues that investors should consider when establishing a business in Colombia.

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How to live and work in Bogota

Know everything about immigration issues important to investors.

Get access to banking in Colombia

Learn about legal issues related to banking and currency exchange in Colombia.

How to invest in Bogota

Foreign investment in Colombia is allowed in almost all sectors of the economy, and regulations governing foreign investors is the same that regulates local investors. Enter and meet the foreign investment regime in Colombia.

How to exchange foreign currency in Colombia

Know more Colombian exchange rate regime to be taken into account when investing in Colombia.

How to employ workers in Colombia

Colombia has one of the most flexible labor regimes in Latin America. Enter and learn about labor laws in Colombia.

How to start a business in Bogota

Establishing a company in Bogota is very simple. Learn the steps.

Paying taxes in Colombia

The main elements of the tax system for companies and individuals in Colombia are synthesized in the downloadable document below.

How to Rent and Purchase Real Estate in Colombia

Find information on how to rent or sell real estate in Colombia.

How to Import and Export Customs in Colombia

Know all about Free trade zone system and instruments for customs planning.