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Infrastructure in Colombia

The National Development Plan 2014-2018 gives continuity to the previous NDP, it proposes a territorial structure that develops regional national pillars: peace, equality and education. It includes in their strategies, strategic infrastructure and competitiveness, social mobility, transformation of the field and green growth.

By strengthening the ambitious program of Fourth Generation (4G) transport infrastructure, the National Government will make a huge effort in infrastructure in the coming years and will implement a strategy of articulation of the science, innovation and technology with private enterprise.

The NDP emphasizes the use of Public Private Partnership schemes-PPP in order to channel resources and capabilities of the private sector towards the development of projects of high national and regional impact.

Projected National Infrastructure Investment from 2012 to 2020


% of annual average GDP implicit

  • Public Investment 1.7%
  • Private Investment 1.6% 


Advances in regulatory matters:

  • Institutional Strengthening through the creation of the Vice Ministry of Infrastructure and the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI)
  • Improvement of the procurement regime
  • Enactment of Law 1508 of 2012 (about Public Private Partnerships, PPPs)
  • Decree 2014 of environmental licenses

INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION MASTER PLAN (ITMP) seeks to promote international trade, integrate the territory and promote regional development.

  • 4G Infrastructure (2014-2022):
  • 30 Road Projects in the period 2012-2019 that amounts to 8170 kilometers
  •  31 additional procedures at airports
  • At Ports, it will take place dredging of 2 Oceans

More about Intermodal  Transportation Master Plan here.


Why establish business in Bogota?

The strategic location and daily flight connections make Bogota an ideal place to serve regional markets. Bogota has become a hub for international infrastructure companies. It is the Colombian city with the largest portfolio of mega-infrastructure projects, making it attractive for any foreign company in the sector.

22% of higher education graduates in Bogota are from related areas such as engineering, architecture, urbanism and the like. (Data from 2001 to 2013).


Infrastructure sector in Bogota 

Bogota represents 26.1% of the national value added; regarding employment, Bogota represents 18.9% of the country's total.

During the year to date, GDP grew by 4%. The highest growth in value added was recorded in construction with 22.0%; Real estate and business services with 5.0%.

During 2015 in Colombia more than 19 million mts2 construction were approved for different purposes, of which 31% are in Bogotá-Region. It is notable, especially, the area for housing.

City Projects

Various projects of architectural renewal, technological upgrading, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, social and economic engineering.


REGIOTRAM Project, PPP, private initiative

Mobility Projects

  • West Light Rail, with a length of 43,9 km (including Airport branch). Public Private Partnership Project of Private Initiative. Approximate investment: $ 2,1 COP trillion.
  • First Line of Bogota Metro. It will be soon the most important infrastructure work in the country. 

-The construction started in 2018. The Metro is the Portal of the Americas to the street 127 North Freeway.

-Section 1: runs from the Portal of the Americas to Caracas, along Primero de Mayo Av.

-Section 2: will go to 72nd Street along Caracas Av., to complete an extension of 25.29 kilometers with a total of 15 stations (it should be noted that the first line of the Metro de Medellin has 25.8 kilometers).

-Section 3: it runs from 72nd Street to the 127th street.

-The system will make 990,000 trips, in addition to the Transmilenio today, thanks to the subway will be accompanied by feeder trunk on 68th Avenue, Av. Boyacá and Ciudad de Cali Avenue daily.

Source: Alcaldía de Bogotá- Metro en Bogotá.


Urban Renewal Projects

In Bogota there are 16 projects part of the Partial Urban Renewal Plan: 5 are approved; 2 have the concept of viability; 5 are under formulation and 4 have determinants.

Renowned international firms have participated in the most important projects in Bogota (BD Bacatá, Perimetral Oriental, ATRIO)

  • CIUDAD CAN, has a floor area of 2,750,000 m2. Through Public Private Partnership of public initiative since 2016, with an estimated investment of $401 billion.

It currently has the technical structure of the 1st building 112 to be built. This tell a projected build of about 100,000 m2 area.

  • TRIANGULO DE FENICIA, Located in the neighborhood Las Aguas, part of the Historic Center and San Francisco banks of the river, which crosses between the hills of Monserrate and Guadalupe.

The Numbers of the urban proposal:

- 900 homes in total

- 108 VIP Housing

- 400 Housing Replacement

- 25,000m² Trade (metropolitan, zonal, neighborhood)

- 40,000 m² Office and / or Hotel

- 25,500 m² Services

- 3,500 m² public facilities

- 50% Green Terraces

- 8.8 Ha of total area

- 6.2 Ha public area

- 2.6 hectares of private area

- 6 m² public area x inhabitant

Revitalization and adaptation

- Las Cruces:  Improve the infrastructure of the market square.

- La perseverancia: Renewal of commercial spaces and improvement of restaurants zone.

- La Concordia: Value of the investment is $12 billion pesos. Plaza La Concordia is a cultural and architectural landmark with great tourist, gastronomic and cultural potential.

5 APP Vials Private Initiative and 3 expressions of interest

Hospital Infrastructure

·      6 hospital facilities (4 retrofitting and 2 new)

·      Construction of 4 high complexity hospitals that will benefit 1,500,000 people.

·      40 Priority Health Care Centers (CAPS), which will serve to strengthen and coordinate the operational emergency care in the city that is totally inadequate today.

·      The District Administration aims to put in service two new Priority Health Care Centers (CAPS) in the former location of the hospital San Juan de Dios.

·      The new centers are “Hospital Cancerologico and Hospital Santa Clara” and are part of the strategy of health care services for the low income strata in Bogota.

·      The 40 CAPS will cover at least 700,000 from more than one million consultations a year in this public network.

Educational Infrastructure

·      30,000 new classrooms over the next three years in 1,500 educational centers, equivalent to 60% of current deficit.

·      Execution is expected through public works projects and Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

·      Ministry of Education tender a PPP contract with a total package of 19 Educational Institutions (IEs) for one Certified Local Authorities (ETC), distributed as follows:


          Schools ETC Estimated Investment

           - Soacha 9 ~ COP 120,000 million

El Dorado II Airport 

El Dorado is currently the first airport in terms of cargo movement in Latin America, approximately 700 thousand tons in 2015. Due to its rapid growth, the need for a new terminal was evaluated. 

It will cover an area of 1,300 hectares and it will be built in the next 4 years, near Facatativa. It would begin operations in 2021. 


Build three airfields in several phases, as travelers demand grows. 

Studies reviewed the number of travelers in the coming years and estimates that in 2041 will reach 69.2 million. Of these, 89 percent will be mobilized through El Dorado I and the rest by El Dorado II.

 These are some of the points contained in the tendering  conditions that ANI opened last Sept. 6:

· The success fee, which is known perhaps for the first time publicly in a contracting state, already has a history.

· An additional success payment was established on September 12, 2006, for the expansion of the existing Dorado current airport. Then set the value was $ 1,400,000.

· As for the merit-based competition, it is hoped that, if there are no extensions of deadlines, to November 29 the process is awarded.

· The consultancy will be contracted for 22 months, and among others, should include traffic studies and passenger demand, and the connections between El Dorado I and El Dorado II through light rail networks.

plano nuevo aeropuerto el dorado II

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DIRECTIVA 006 DE 2016-  Instructions for evaluation and approval of projects Public Private Partnership - PPP - private initiative. (

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