The IT Industry in Bogota


For more than 20 years, Bogota’s IT sector has provided Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) and Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services for clients in a wide range of verticals. Thus, the abundance of trained human resources and top quality technological infrastructure, have consolidated the enabling environment to establish Bogota as an offshore platform for local and multinational companies.

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What Investors are saying? 

"In the short time since we started our operations in Bogota, we have already experienced amazing results:  Dafiti's Colombian portal logs thousands of visits per day, with an record average browsing time, which places it among the best ranked (…) above sites which have been in the e-commerce market for years.  (…) The Colombian environment was very promising for us (...) not just on account of the economic period that the country is experiencing.  According to studies from Euro Monitor International expectations are that this market will continue to grow stronger by 15% in coming years.”

Stefan Krautwald
Regional Director for Latin America, Dafiti


“(…) Bogota’s foremost strength is its people. Our employees, the majority of them engineers, are top-quality and dedicated. We also find a robust and reliable telecommunications infrastructure in Bogota. Thanks to this, some of the best practices implemented here in our Managed Services Center in Bogota have been adopted by some of our centers worldwide, such as in India and in the United States”.

Yolanda Auza
General Manager, LACSA, Unisys


“We are constantly seeking ways to provide opportunities where talent lies, to foster the development of this talent and, in turn, the growth of local communities and industries. We envisage great potential in Bogota and throughout Colombia. Bogota is home to a large pool of highly skilled professionals that enable us to continue expanding our talent base to provide innovative software products and highly admired brands to customers globally”

Néstor Nocetti
EVP Corporate Affairs and Co-founder, Globant

Why Locate in Bogota

  • Scalability: In Bogota there is a population of approximately 65,000 graduates of engineering professionals related to the IT sector. Consequently, the labour market of Bogota, over 4,6 million people, is constantly strengthened, generating a greater scalability potential for IT operations in the city.

  • Talent-rich. Human resources: In 2014, the ministry of information technologies and communications mapped out 93 undergraduate programs, distributed in 125 higher education institutions. According to the national system of higher education (SNIES- acronyms in spanish), most of programs are offered in Bogota, since it is the city that hosts more than 50% of colombi´s universities. 

Additionally, Bogota concentrates the 71% of bilingual talent within the colombian labor market. 

  • Cost structure: The IT industry in Bogota offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for wages, when compared to other Latin-American cities.

  • Strategic Location: According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook -IMD. Colombia was the first country in Latin America and one of the 10 countries in the region with the highest investment in Telecommunications. Additionally, three submarine cables have come into operation during the last year, completing an access to 10 submarine cables. This is a remarkable figure when considering the five existing in 2010. 

  • IT Infrastructure. In Bogota, all the necessary professional services for the industry are available, including a complete and robust IT value chain. Likewise, the city is making an effort to develop a tech-park project which will create a new incentive for companies seeking to settle in the city.


Bogota’s IT Sector

According to the last Software and IT Census conducted by the Ministry of Information Tecnologies and Communications, in 2014 there were, 4,016 companies nationwide. From this figure, Bogota represents 77% of the medium and large companies. 

  • According to the Annual Survey of Services (EAS) 2014, revenues for the IT sector in Colombia totaled US $ 3.2 billion where 89% corresponds to service delivery and the remaining 11% relates to revenues from sales of goods and other. Principally, Bogota is the city with the highest share in the sector’s total revenue with 83%. It is noteworthy that since 2008, the capital of Colombia has tripled its revenue, from US $ 0.6 billion to US $ 2.7 billion.
  • In regards to jobs in the IT Industry, in 2013 Bogota reached 10,254 people directly working in the sector. 

In terms of jobs in the IT Industry, in 2013 Bogota broght together 10,254 people directly working in the sector and expects 15% YOY growth from 2014 through 2015.


Major Players Located in Bogota

Multinational Companies

  • Dacartec (Spain) established its Technology Innovation Center in Bogota to provide integration solutions and collaborative software to serve Spain and the Andean region
  • Everis (Spain): present in Bogota since 2006, Everis provides enterprise application services for government, telecoms and the financial sector. 
  • Globant (Argentina) multinational with presence in Bogota since 2010. Invest in Bogota provided it with support during the exploratory and installation phases. Its focus is on software and applications development.  They are opening a second site in the City.
  • Indra (Spaín) in Bogota for more than 12 years, Indra has over 800 employees who provide ADM services for telecom, utilities and financial sectors.
  • Oesia (Spain): with over 500 employees, provides ADM solutions for telecoms and the financial sector in Colombia and abroad.
  • Softtek (Mexico): present in Bogota since 2002, has more than 180 engineers working on SAP implementations in Colombia and elsewhere.
  • TCS (India): with more than 300 employees, provides software application development, testing and QA services for government, telecoms and the financial sector.
  • Unisys (US): present in Bogota for more than 20 years, has over 250 employees who operate one of eight global RIMS delivery centers. In addition, the company has more than 50 employees who provide Application Development Services.
  • Endava (UK): In 2016, Endava inagurates a software development center in Bogota, where it plans to employ about 400 people in what will be its first Latin American site. 


Local Companies

  • Gattaca has more than 100 employees providing Application Development Services solutions for local and Spanish offshore clients. 
  • Heinsohn has over 450 employees who provide Application Development Services for local and offshore clients. 
  • Vision Software provides ADM solutions mainly for local clients. 
  • Zio produces 3D animation and videogames, rich internet applications and content for mobiles, web, TV and film for local and offshore clients.
  • Zemoga has more than 10 years’ experience in software and applications development. Most of its clients are in the US.




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