Why Invest in Bogotá?

Because of its location, workforce, market access, costs, business climate, operating environment, quality of life, and many more reasons, Bogota is the best place for your business.


Market Access from Colombia and Bogota

Colombia is the fourth largest market in Latin America. Bogota has a population of 7.6 million and a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$90 billion. Find what makes Bogota and Colombia the right place for your investment.

Workforce in Bogota

Bogota’s young and skilled workforce of over 4 million people ensures the scalability of any operation. Learn more about the educational levels, numbers of undergraduates, graduates, and major areas of study offered in Bogota.

Business Climate in Colombia and Bogota

With one of the best business environments in Latin America, and in one of the most competitive countries in the region, Bogota is one of the most competitive cities with an excellent business climate. 

Quality of Life in Bogota

Why do so many companies with operations in other cities in Colombia or other countries in the region decide to move to Bogota? Because it is a great place to live

Location of Bogota

Bogotá is strategically located in the center of the continent and has excellent air connectivity with numerous direct daily flights to major U.S. cities. Find out the flight distances and destinations from Bogota.

Operating Environment in Bogota

Bogota has a high-quality, worry-free operating environment. There is a plentiful supply of cost-competitive office, warehousing and manufacturing space.

Attractive Incentives in Bogota

Find out about investment incentives that Bogota and Colombia offer.