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Bogota, a must for retail heavyweights

May 09, 2017

Colombia has now become the fourth largest market for H&M in Latin America, after Chile, Mexico and Peru and is firmly inserted in the global expansion strategy of this important Swedish clothing chain, which in 2017 chose, in addition to our country, to open stores in Kazakhstan, Iceland, Vietnam and Georgia. With its 6,000 m2 flagship store in Parque La Colina, and two more stores shortly to be opened in Centro Comercial Fontanar and Centro Comercial La Felicidad, H&M comes striding into the country’s fashion market, giving a significant boost to the textile industry in terms of

The food and drinks market in Bogota and Colombia is constantly growing

October 06, 2015

It is expected that the food and beverage sectors in Colombia will continue to grow in coming years, with Bogota as its driving engine. It is estimated that the sector will have annual sales of more than USD 21,000 million in the country in 2018. This means that the consumption of processed food will grow by approximately 10.3% per year, while the beverage market will grow at an annual rate of 8% in coming years. Colombia stands as one of the markets with high potential of industry growth in Latin America: while per capita consumption of processed food in Latin America was USD 505.40 in 2014

Bogota Has a Modern and Competitive Plastics Industry

September 12, 2014

Bogota boasts excellent business opportunities in the plastics industry. The capital has established a modern, competitive industry in the region with companies involved in all sub-segments of the value chain. With an industry comprising more than 200 companies covering all links of the productive chain, Bogota is home to nearly 55% of Colombia’s plastics sector sales.


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