General Information

The information contained on this website is for informative and guidance purposes. Efforts have been made to keep all the information current and updated, although some of the data may be outdated and contain certain imperfections.

Although Invest in Bogota has conducted thorough research and investigation when collecting the information on this site, no action should be taken based on this information without a professional opinion on issues such as accounting, tax or other specific areas. The Office of the Mayor of Bogota and the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB) may not be held liable for any errors in the information contained on this website.

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Privacy of Information 

Invest in Bogota will not disclose any personal information acquired through this site to third parties. Any information obtained through contacts or subscription to the Newsletter, will be handled in the strictest confidence.

Law on Personal Data Protection

In compliance with Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013, which regulates Law 1581 of 2012, CORPORACION PARA EL DESARRROLLO Y LA PRODUCTIVIDAD BOGOTA REGION-REGION DINÁMICA-INVEST IN BOGOTA (hereinafter INVEST IN BOGOTA), being a party that handles the personal data obtained through different managers and information and contact channels that it offers through its website or other means of contact, kindly asks the investors, entrepreneurs, partners, journalists, suppliers, users, and in general, all individuals with personal data who have used the services and / or products offered by INVEST IN BOGOTA, for their authorization to continue to handle their personal data in accordance with the privacy policies that have been established under the parameters of Law 1581 of 2012 for the Protection of Personal Data in Colombia.

Information and personal data provided to INVEST IN BOGOTA may be processed, collected, stored, used, circulated, deleted, shared, updated and / or transmitted, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the privacy policies established by the Corporation, as applicable, mainly for promotional, commercial, administrative and contact purposes and, generally speaking, to enable the provision of its services and the dissemination of its products and services.

The controller of your personal data is INVEST IN BOGOTA, who will collect and handle them for:

  1. Attending to or formalizing any kind of service you may request or require;
  2. Statistical purposes or when conducting surveys;
  3. Sending invitations or making announcements;
  4. Evaluating the quality of our services; or
  5. Sending occasional information about our services or general information about the city.

In accordance with the procedures set forth in Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, owners of personal data may exercise their right to know, update, rectify and delete their personal data by sending their requests to the following email: tbehar@investinbogota.org or if they prefer, by calling, in Bogota: (57-1) 742 3030 or fax (571) 742 3050 nationwide.

As of July 27, 2013, owners of personal data will have a maximum term of 30 days to request the removal of same; such request may be addressed to the following email: comunicaciones@investinbogota.org or if they prefer, by calling, in Bogota: (57-1) 742 3030 or fax (57-1) 742 3050.

Omission by the owner of the data to communicate her/his decision within the term established, enables INVEST IN BOGOTA to continue processing her/his data in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013.