5 reasons why Bogota is becoming a potential transnational e-commerce hub

Fecha: 1 February, 2021

Buying and selling products online from anywhere in the world is an unstoppable trend, and Bogota is no stranger to this. 

The city has the potential to become a key player for e-commerce companies located in Latin America, where all the necessary services are provided for its operation in the continent because of these five reasons: 

  1. It has a strategic location in the middle of the Americas. In addition, it has the airport with the highest cargo transport capacity in Latin America, which allows products to travel easily and in a few hours from one country to another.
  2. There is experience in e-commerce services in the city, as it is home to major domestic and foreign e-commerce, BPO, technology, fintech and last mile logistics companies, which export their services to other Latin American and world countries, including Amazon and Mercado Libre.
  3. There is a workforce of 6.2 million people in the city, including many people who are experts in the areas of technology, customer service and others. In fact, a large number of foreign companies that have opened operations in Bogota are software, BPO and technology services.
  4. Bogota Region has six free zones that offer facilities to import and export products to other countries, have different tax incentives to develop creative and technology projects, and optimize the costs of storing goods. Companies operating in Colombia can count on optimal telecommunications services, as this is the second country in Latin America with the highest number of underwater cables. Which is a key factor in all e-commerce operations.
  5. The companies that operate in Colombia can reach great telecomunications services, due to the fact that it is the second country in Latin America with the highest number of submarine cables. Which makes Colombian soil ideal for e-commerce businesses.

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