ABC How to establish a company in Bogota-Region?

Fecha: 1 February, 2024
ABC How to establish a company in Bogota-Region?

Bogota D.C. has a huge potential for investing, tourism and entrepreneurship, a privileged place in LATAM to do business.

Its biodiversity, strategic geographic location, wide range of business and hotel services, extensive air connectivity and robust business ecosystem consolidate the city as one of the most attractive places to invest and develop new businesses in Latin America. 

Taking into account that the business landscape of the city is dynamic and highly competitive, where every decision can become fundamental for the success and viability of a business, hand in hand with Due Legal, a legal ally of many startups and companies in the city and ranked as one of the best law firms in Colombia in business matters, we prepared the following ABC “HOW TO SET UP A BUSINESS IN BOGOTÁ-REGION? “. This tool will be very useful for investors or entrepreneurs who are setting up their business in the city or formalizing it. It will help them in making decisions such as selecting the type of company, creating a company, hiring staff under the labor regime, and registering a trademark to promote their products or services. It will also help them in determining the costs and duration of the registration process.

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