Bogota: A Safe and Attractive Destination for Foreign Investment

Fecha: 26 April, 2023

Foreign direct investment in Colombia reached historic levels in 2022, with Bogota being the epicenter of this trend. With a 64.7% share of total new and expansion investment coming into the country in 2022, the Colombian capital has demonstrated to be an attractive and reliable destination for foreign investment. 

The software and technology services sector were the most prominent, accounting for 29.4% of investment projects. Corporate services represented 16.8%, while the communications industry reached 9.1%. Additionally, sectors such as financial services, textiles, automobiles, and consumer goods together accounted for 18.9%. 

Although 2022 was a year of great challenges, Bogota carried out 143 investment projects valued at $1,539 million dollars, generating over 20,000 quality jobs. The city has proven to be a safe and attractive destination for foreign investment. Nearly 50% of the investment in Bogota came from the United States, Spain, and Mexico, with shares of 30.8%, 9.1%, and 6.3%, respectively. Countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan are also strengthening their presence in the capital. All of them accounted for 27.3% of investment in 2022. 

Bogota aims for even more in the future. By 2023, prospects for foreign direct investment are positive. According to a survey conducted by our corporation with 56 foreign companies, 75% of them are considering investing in the city. This is due to the optimism generated by a metropolis with the characteristics of Bogota, which has a particularly favorable market for IT & BPO companies and creative industries. 

In this sense, Invest in Bogota has identified 73 investment opportunities in 2023, which would generate an estimated investment of $1,328 million dollars and around 20,500 jobs. In this way, the city continues to consolidate itself as an attractive destination for foreign investment, contributing to the economic development and social welfare of Colombia and Latin America.  

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