5 art districts that every culture lover should visit in Bogota

Fecha: 30 September, 2021
5 distritos de arte que todo amante de la cultura debe visitar en Bogotá

Bogota is a multicultural city, and so are its artistic expressions. On the occasion of the start of ArtBo, the exhibition that marks the beginning of the month of art in Bogota, we invite you to discover five art districts that you should know in the city.  

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1. Downtown

The heart of the city offers different artistic experiences, ranging from classical and contemporary art museums to galleries and unconventional spaces dedicated to experimental and interdisciplinary processes of artistic practices.

Highlights in this area include the Santa Clara Museum, with pieces and architecture from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; the Miguel Urrutia Art Museum, which exhibits works by the most important Colombian and foreign artists of contemporary art free of charge; the Botero Museum, with more than 120 pieces by master artist Fernando Botero; and the Odeon Space, a place for artistic creation and experimentation.

In addition, this sector of the city hosts the Barcú art, music and culture festival (October 19-24, 2021); and the Feria del Millón (October 1-3, 2021), an emerging art space that also hosts Voltaje, a new media art show.

2. Graffiti District

One of the most striking art districts in Bogota for its colorful and technically skilled execution is the Graffiti District, located in the industrial district of Puente Aranda, in the western part of the city.

This open-air gallery, one of the most important of its kind in South America, offers a large number of colorful murals created by more than 20 national and international artists.

3. La Macarena

This area, located in the east of the city, in addition to hosting buildings of architectural conservation worthy of observation, it also has two of the most important museums in the city: the National Museum of Colombia, which besides containing art collections, has important pieces of the history of the country; and the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota, which in its collections has works from the nineteenth century and contemporary works of important national and international artists.

This area is also home to galleries such as NC-Arte, SN Macarena, Espacio El Dorado and Rolf Art, as well as a variety of bars and restaurants for all tastes. 

4. San Felipe

This neighborhood, in the northeast of the city, is one of Bogotá’s most important art districts.

It is home to dozens of galleries and art studios, including Instituto de visión, Sketch, Elvira Moreno and Adrián Ibáñez. It also offers its visitors multiple options of restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Open San Felipe, a festival in which more than 70 art, fashion, music, theater, film and other venues open their doors to visitors and offer free tours, is held there. 

5. Chapinero

This neighborhood is home to many galleries, antique shops and fashion and design workshops, however, it includes long distances that, in some cases, cannot be covered on foot. 

Here you can find first class galleries such as Casas Riegner, Casa Hoffman, El Museo, La Cometa and MMaison, which exhibit and sell works by important national and foreign artists such as Antonio Caro, Beatriz Gonzalez, Luis Roldán, Ícaro Zorbar, Maripaz Jaramillo, Fernando Botero, Débora Arango, Luis Cabellero, Vicky Neumann, Nadín Ospina, among others.

From September 29 to October 3, 2021, ArtBo Week, one of the most important art events in the city, will offer tours and guided visits to some of these art districts.

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Get ready to enjoy the ingenuity and creativity that Bogotá has to offer!

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