Bogota’s airport the best in South America

Fecha: 31 August, 2022
Bogotas airpot the best in South America

Bogota’s El Dorado airport is globally recognized for its service and operation. 

Bogota has the best airport in South America! Did you know this? In addition, according to Skytrax, it is worldwide ranked # 35. The first places were taken by Doha Hamad, Tokyo Haneda, Changi from Singapore, Tokyo Narita and Incheon from Seoul.

Air travelers seek new experiences that connect them with different destinations, and the innovative design of El Dorado allows them to enjoy modern and avant-garde spaces and services that contribute comfort and adventure to leisure or business travelers. Its rest rooms, VIP lounges, restaurants and its El Dorado Check-in magazine, with specialized content for travelers, are among its most desired services.

Did you also know that El Dorado Airport is a leader in cargo transportation? It specializes in agile deliveries, which allows it to be very effective in delivering perishables. In 2021, 400 million flowers were exported from El Dorado to the United States for Valentine’s Day. 

Its six access channels facilitate connections to public transport and its widely available automatic check-in machines make the user experience easy and efficient. 

El Dorado Airport continues to invest in technology, and its innovation, practicality, aesthetics and services will continue to surprise travelers and international air transport organizations. 

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