Bogota’s Bronx, seven years after its intervention 

Fecha: 30 January, 2023

The Bronx, the area known as the largest drug consumption slum in Bogota, has become a trigger for creativity, culture and urban revitalization.  

The Bogota Bronx was synonymous with insecurity and violence. Today, seven years after its intervention by the Mayor’s Office and private organizations, the Bronx Creative District is the scene of cultural, sports, music and entertainment events. By 2022, it had already hosted more than 100,000 attendees.  

In addition to concerts, theater, exhibitions and workshops for all ages, there is also space for recreational and leisure activities in the Bronx. In addition, to reduce the digital divide, the Mayor’s Office has made available a free wifi network in the sector. 

The purpose of these actions is to recover an urban space, rebuild its social fabric and develop the area’s economy. To achieve this, spaces have been created for the exchange of knowledge on a variety of topics such as music, software development and entrepreneurship. 

According to the Bogotá Mayor’s Office, 35 thousand square meters of public space are being recovered, and 22 thousand square meters will be used for cultural and artistic events. 

Bogota is going for much more! The Mayor’s Office and private organizations are advancing more urban renewal plans in several local buildings, which belong to the cultural heritage of the city, some of them are: the Old Faculty of Medicine of the National University and the La Flauta Building.  

Margarita Díaz, director of the Gilberto Álzate Avendaño Foundation (FUGA), stated that the investment for the recovery of the heritage buildings amounted to 82 billion pesos, and thanks to these projects 982 jobs have been generated.  

What was once a place of insecurity and fear, seven years later has become a center of art, culture, creativity and hope for all Bogotanos. 

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