The best of the Bogota Film Festival (BIFF)

Fecha: 6 October, 2022

With more than 48 national and international films, which were screened in different theaters in the capital, the BIFF seeked new narratives to highlight the youthful spirit, and the female vision in the industry and the political sphere, among others. The festival featured unique and unmissable premieres from October 6 to 15.

The Bogota International Film Festival (BIFF) is a world-class festival with premieres and narratives that reinforce Bogotá as a destination and a great city that welcomes the creative and cultural industries, both for its production and for its exhibition and commercialization.

In its eighth edition, with the aim of building a dialogue through narratives, visions and speeches, regarding the new proposals and events in history, the BIFF offered nine sections to enjoy: Colombia vivaespíritu jovenmastersfantasmas del pasadoclases de lucharetrospectiva fábulamiradas expandidascine conciertos and biff kids

These were the unmissable movies of Biff:

Rebelión (José Luis Rúgeles, 2022). The latest film by renowned Colombian director José Luis Rugeles, helmer of “García” (2010) and “Alias María” (2015), in which the life of the great Colombian singer Joe Arroyo is portrayed in an intimate manner. With a dark twist, this young director manages to create an atmosphere of chiaroscuro that inserts us into the personal world of this musical genius. World premiere at BIFF.

Close (Lukas Dhont, 2022). Using the devices afforded by cinema in an astute way and with emotional sharpness, Lukas Dhont has managed to offer a warm and piercing tale about the depths of friendship and the pain of loss. A lament to lost opportunities during childhood with which Dhont won the Grand Jury Prize at the latest Cannes Film Festival.

1976 (Manuela Martelli, 2022). It is the personal journey of a woman who decides not to be an accomplice and to use her class privilege to help someone chased by the regime. A tense and precisely-crafted thriller that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats, and that joins a long list of films from the Southern Cone about the ways the dictatorship was lived in the daily lives of people.

Joyland (Saim Sadiq, 2022). is, above all, built around solid, contradictory, easy-to-empathize-with characters, and recorded in a way that shows a Pakistan many of us have never seen before. A glimpse into the everyday of queer people and women in a Muslim society and the ways in which each person manages to free or repress their desires.

Alcarrás (Carla Simón, 2022). The Golden Bear of the latest edition of the Berlinale, “Alcarràs” deals with the fate of a family saga from the standpoint of childhood, of its innocence and its intimacy, in a gesture that is as cinematographic as profoundly political. Identity and memory converge in the Mediterranean landscape of Alcarràs, a town witnessing a soon-to-be-extinct traditional mode of living.

Gloria (Sebastián Lelio, 2013). It is one of the most important movies of the new Chilean cinema and of recent Latin American cinema. Sebastián Lelio approaches, with respect and sensibility, a generation of women (the Glorias) and delivers an unforgettable feminine portrait wrapped in humor and melancholy, in which Paulina García shines.

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