Do you know which countries invest the most in Bogota?

Fecha: 14 May, 2021

Do you know which countries rely the most on Bogota to make their businesses grow? Get to know the top five countries of origin of most of the foreign companies that have invested the most in Bogota in the last five years. 

1. United States 

# of projects: 170 
Investment: + USD 2.4 billion
# of jobs created: + 17,900

Among the foreign companies operating in Bogota, American companies are the most dominant. The United States is, after all, the main commercial partner of Colombia. 

The majority of these projects are from sectors such as corporate services, software and IT, textiles, leisure and entertainment, consumer goods, communications, tourism and hotels. Some of the most recognized American companies that have arrived in Bogota in recent years are Amazon Web Services, HBO, and WeWork. 

2. Spain

# of projects: 119 
Investment: + USD 1.59 billion
# of jobs created: + 7,800

Spanish companies that have decided that Bogota was their best choice for expansion come mostly from sectors such as textiles, corporate services, software and IT, consumer goods, and communications. Among these, we can highlight the multinational leader in hearing correction, GAES, and the audiovisual producer, Mediapro.  

(Spanish health sector multinational GAES arrives in Colombia)

(The giant Spanish audiovisual production company Mediapro grows its operation in Bogota)

3. France

# of projects: 54 
Investment: + USD 730 million
# of jobs created: + 5,000

French companies in Bogota work mostly in sectors such as consumer goods, textiles, food and tobacco, and corporate services. Some of the companies that have started operations or expansions in Bogota in previous years are L’Oreal, Elis, and Decathlon.

(French company Decathlon opens its first store in Colombia in Bogota)

4. Germany

# of projects: 35
Investment: + USD 425 million
# of jobs created: + 2,500

German firms that have arrived in Bogota recently are dedicated mostly to industries such as transportation, automotive, and medical devices. Some of these enterprises are the global leader in products and services for kidney treatments, Fresenius, and the transport and logistics company, Hapag Lloyd. 

5. United Kingdom

# of projects: 31
Investment: + USD 180 million
# of jobs created: +2,700

British companies installed in Bogota in recent years operate mostly in sectors such as corporate services, software and IT services, and medical devices. Some of the most recognized British enterprises that have arrived in Bogota in past years are Endava, Greenwood Energy, and Shelton’s Coffee.

(British Shelton’s Coffee opened a production plant in Bogota to begin its expansion into the American market)

Between 2016 and 2020, the Bogota Region has received 730 greenfield and expansion projects with foreign investment, with an investment of USD 10.625 billion.

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