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Fecha: 15 August, 2023

The second quarter of the year is one of the most exciting for Bogota in terms of annual music festivals. Rock enthusiasts and music lovers, not only from the city and the country but from all over Latin America, eagerly await the month when the iconic Rock al Parque takes place and when the lineup for the next Estereopicnic, held in March every year, is revealed. 

What can we expect from this new edition of Rock al Parque? 

Rock al Parque is one of the most beloved festivals for the people of Bogota, which has seen attendance of up to 400,000. Free and outdoors, it has become an emblem of the Latin American rock scene. In its 27th edition, Rock al Parque will bring together 64 bands from international, national, and local acts at Simon Bolivar Park, along with a diverse academic program for professionals and enthusiasts on par with the musical offerings. Among the academic talks, there will be discussions on a wide range of topics such as: 

  • The countercultural movement of 1980s rock. 
  • Fundamental concepts of live event lighting. 
  • How to tour in Brazil, one of the largest music markets in the continent. 
  • What role do festivals play in the growing and evolving music scene of contemporary Latin America? 
  • What are record labels looking for in the creative proposals of new Latin American artists? 
  • The role of digital platforms in strengthening music. 
  • Music and fashion. 
  • Current trends in music journalism. 

Regarding the musical lineup, here are some of the bands that will be performing

  • Agnostic Front (Estados Unidos) 
  • Cabra (Puerto Rico)  
  • Eshtadur (Colombia) 
  • In Flames (Suecia) 
  • Javiera Mena (Chile) 
  • Jenny Woo (Canadá)  
  • Julieta Venegas (México) 
  • Junior Zamora (Colombia) 
  • La Vida Boheme (Venezuela) 
  • Los Árboles (Colombia) 
  • Los Auténticos Decantes (Argentina) 
  • Los Calzones (Argentina) 
  • Los Pericos (Argentina) 
  • Los Punsetes (España) 
  • LosPetitfellas (Colombia) 
  • Makeware (Estados Unidos) 
  • Marilina Bertoldi (Argentina) 
  • Nonpalidece (Argentina) 
  • Noprocede (España) 
  • Overkill (Estados Unidos) 
  • Salón Victoria (México) 
  • Saratoga (España) 
  • Slow Crush (Bélgica) 
  • Sonido Gallo (México) 
  • The Ocean (Alemania) 

The local representation will be provided by these bands: 

  • Alto Grado 
  • Armenia 
  • Ataque de Pánico 
  • Desgobierno  
  • Ensamble Arsis 
  • Epilepsia DC 
  • Frailejón 
  • Info 
  • La Real del Sonido 
  • Latenaz 
  • Libre Elección.  
  • Los Pangurbes 
  • Maskhera 
  • Munnopsis 
  • No Dependiente 
  • Poison the Preacher 
  • Southern Roots 
  • Tears of Misery 
  • The Perro Boyz 
  • Thelemata 

Estereopicnic: A Different World 

Under the motto “A Different World,” Estereopicnic is part of a circuit of private Latin American festivals that have been held annually since 2010 (with the exception of pandemic times). Over four days, it brings together more than 130,000 people who travel to Briceño, a municipality in the Bogota-Region, from various corners of Latin America to experience live performances by international and national bands and solo artists of various genres. 

Recently, Paramo Presenta, the production company behind the festival, released the lineup for its thirteenth edition, which will take place from March 21 to 24. Here are some of the bands that will be performing: 

  • Afro Legends 
  • Akriila 
  • Anamaría Oramas 
  • Arca 
  • Arcade fire 
  • Bad Gyal 
  • Black Cofee 
  • Blink-182 
  • Buha 2030 
  • Caballos De Fuerza 
  • Divino Niño 
  • Dove Cameron 
  • El Kalvo 
  • Feid 
  • Floating Points 
  • Four Tet 
  • Fruko y sus tesos 
  • Future Islands 
  • Greta van Fleet 
  • Grupo Frontera 
  • Homie! 
  • Hozier 
  • Irepelusa 
  • Jaden 
  • James Blake 
  • Kevin Kaarl 
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard 
  • Kittin 
  • La Etnnia 
  • Latin Mafia 
  • Laura Pérez 
  • Laurél 
  • Limp Biskit 
  • Lolabúm 
  • Los Dinosaurios Murieron Ayer 
  • Lucas Hill 
  • M.I.A. 
  • Maca & Gero 
  • Mala Bengala 
  • Mariscos 
  • Matar Fuma 
  • More 
  • Nicki Nicole 
  • Nothing But Thieves 
  • Nuclear Digital Transistor 
  • Oblivion’s Mighty Trash 
  • Okraa 
  • Omar Apollo 
  • Overmono 
  • Paramore 
  • Penyair 
  • Phoenix 
  • Placebo 
  • Poolside 
  • Proyecto Uno 
  • Rina Sawayama 
  • Ruzto Dillom 
  • Sa!Koro 
  • Sam Smith 
  • Selene 
  • SZA 
  • Tainy 
  • The Blaze 
  • The Blessed Madonna 
  • The Ofsprings 
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars 
  • Tornall 
  • Verito Asprilla 
  • Verraco 
  • Volcán 
  • Whomadewho 
  • Xxxxxx 
  • Ysy A 
  • Yves Tumor 
  • Zhu 

In 2012, Bogota was recognized by UNESCO as the “Musical Capital of America” for its musical heritage, which encompasses a wide variety of genres and musical styles, ranging from classical music and jazz to traditional Colombian music and popular music. 

Here’s a part of the schedule of annual music festivals that take place in Bogota. 

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