Museums you cannot miss in Bogota

Fecha: 20 June, 2023

Welcome to the Colombian capital – the perfect place to make investments and hold events and business meetings! Here you will find a vibrant business environment and endless opportunities. But not only that, you can also witness the city’s cultural richness through its impressive museums.

From the Museo Colonial to the Museo del Oro, each one of them will give you a fantastic experience and allow you to immerse yourself in the charm of Bogota and discover the full potential of this city through its museums!

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Here we share the 3 museums you must visit in the South American metropolis:

Museo del Oro: 

It houses the largest collection of pre-Hispanic goldsmiths’ work in the world. With its 34 thousand pieces of gold from pre-Colombian cultures, this museum reveals the way of life of the ancient indigenous cultures. Among the most outstanding pieces is the emblematic Muisca raft, which represents the ritual that gave rise to the legendary story of El Dorado. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the magnificence of ancestral goldsmithing and understand Colombia’s history’s cultural and symbolic importance.  

Museo Colonial: 

Located in the historic centre of Bogota, the Museo Colonial is a cultural gem that allows visitors to immerse themselves in Colombia’s colonial history. This venue is housed in a restored former colonial house, retaining much of its original architecture.

Visitors are greeted by an impressive collection of artifacts and works of art dating back to colonial times. From paintings and sculptures to furniture and everyday objects, each piece tells a fascinating story about life back then. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum offers temporary exhibitions and interactive activities that allow for an even deeper dive into Bogota’s colonial history and its influence on today’s culture.

Museo de la Independencia: 

Also known as Casa del Florero. It is one of the most emblematic historical sites in Bogota. This colonial house witnessed a key event in the history of Colombia: the 20th of July 1810, when a porcelain vase became the trigger for the fight for Colombia’s independence.   

By visiting the museum, visitors can recreate the atmosphere of colonial times, showing everyday life, political events, and the struggle for independence.   

In addition, the museum houses an important collection of art and objects related to Colombia’s independence, such as paintings, historical documents and artefacts used during that period of the struggle for freedom.  

Each of these museums offers a unique and enriching experience, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the history, art, and culture of Bogota and Colombia. Do not miss the opportunity to explore these fascinating spaces and discover the city’s rich heritage! 

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