Unicorns in the business world

Fecha: 15 September, 2023

The figure of the “unicorn” stands out as a mythological being. But what does it mean to be a unicorn in the business environment? Here you will learn about this concept in the business world and explore its relevance on the global stage.

What is a Unicorn?

The term does not refer to magical creatures, but to start-up companies that reach a market valuation of a billion dollars or more. These companies are considered exceptional, just like the unicorn in mythology.

What are their characteristics?

Exceptional valuation: unicorns are distinguished by their high market valuation, exceeding the $1 billion dollars mark. This achievement reflects the confidence and significant backing of visionary investors who can identify opportunities that go unnoticed by many.

Rapid growth: these companies experience accelerated growth in revenues, employees, and market demand for their products. Their ability to scale quickly is one of their most distinctive characteristics.

Disruptive innovation: Unicorns introduce game-changing innovations in their industries that challenge the status quo and contribute to their rapid rise.

What else helps us identify a unicorn?

A bold team: being a unicorn company demands an efficient team, capable of facing the challenges of the digital world and in the startup world, these are markets that are becoming increasingly competitive.

Application of technology: these companies take advantage of new technologies to offer value-added services. This generates a revolution in their respective sectors, some of them are e-commerce, fintech, internet software, services, and health.

Exclusion from the stock market: to be a unicorn company, its high value must come from private capital, excluding them from the stock market.

Adaptation to the digital environment: they detect opportunities, adapt them to the current environment and market demand. They create dominant trends backed by technological innovations.

Examples of some Latin American unicorns: Nubank, Mercado Libre, Rappi, Globant, Cabify, among others.

Being a unicorn goes beyond financial valuation. It represents the ability to innovate, grow exponentially, and transform industries and markets. These organizations leave a mark on the market, change the status quo, and challenge the boundaries of business success.

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