Why Bogota for foreign direct investment (FDI)? 

Fecha: 24 February, 2023

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) due to its unique value proposition. It has a favorable business environment and world-class infrastructure that facilitates the establishment and growth of foreign companies. In addition, the local government has implemented policies and programs to promote investment and business development in the city. If you are looking to expand your business in Latin America, Bogota is an option to consider. 

Why Bogotá? Here are the reasons:  

1. It is a regional business center with a dynamic economy.  

2. Its strategic location in the center of the American continent. 

3. Its efficient and qualified human talent. 

4. Its strength for operations in value added sectors

Bogota is a regional business center with a dynamic economy. As the capital of Colombia, a stable economy that is growing ahead of many other Latin American economies, Bogota has an even larger economy and stronger economic performance than most countries in the region. Moreover, the city maintains a stable average growth rate, making it a safe and attractive place to invest. Additionally, it is home to more than 400 Forbes 2000 companies, highlighting the strength of its business environment. 

Bogota is strategically located in the center of the American continent. The city is connected to the world through El Dorado airport, which is the first cargo and passenger airport in Latin America. It also benefits from the fact that Colombia has 18 free trade agreements in force, allowing companies to establish operations in Bogota and export to other countries without tariffs. The country also has 18 international investment agreements and 15 double-title agreements, making it an excellent option for companies looking to expand globally

Bogota has efficient and qualified human talent. With a labor force of more than 6 million people, the city has a diverse and qualified human talent. Bogota is home to two of the top 10 universities in Latin America and 35% of the country’s active research groups. It also has 39% of the country’s PhDs and 35% of the country’s technologists and technicians, which means that companies setting up in Bogota have access to a highly trained and ready-to-work workforce

Bogota has a strength for value-added sector operations. The city has a strong service vocation and excellent investment opportunities in value-added sectors, such as life sciences, infrastructure, creative industries, manufacturing, IT, BPO and entrepreneurship and alternative investments. Companies investing in these sectors can take advantage of Bogota’s skilled human talent and dynamic economy to drive their growth and success. 

In conclusion, Bogota offers a unique value proposition for foreign direct investment. With a dynamic economy, strategic location, skilled human talent and strength in value-added sectors, Bogota is an excellent choice for companies looking to establish operations in Latin America and expand globally. 

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