City Marketing Strategy

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1. What is the City Marketing Strategy?

The City Marketing Strategy seeks to position Bogota as an international landmark and an emerging business center, in a globalized environment where cities compete as destinations to attract tourism and investment.

Strategy design. The design stage for the City Marketing Strategy began in 2008, with assistance from INPOLIS, a German consulting firm, which has provided its services to cities such as Berlin, Athens or Brisbane. The process involved the participation of over 60 city leaders from different areas such as business, culture, tourism and social development.  

A virtual survey dubbed "Bogota in search of its brand" was conducted in 2010, in which over 4.200 citizens participated, sharing their views on Bogota's positive elements which may serve to differentiate the city. 

What do we wish to portray about Bogota? "Bogota will be among the top 5 cities in Latin America, in terms of quality of life:  it offers high quality services for citizens, visitors and investors; it has a driving cultural life and economic environment; it is a model of how to address mobility and security problems; it offers solutions to challenges such as social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Bogota's energy and dynamism come from the city's inhabitants themselves, who fully relate to their city."

Realistic strategic goals.

1.    Promoting Bogota as a city of culture.

2.    Promoting Bogota as a hub for innovative businesses and creative industries.

Challenging strategic goals.

1.     Promoting Bogota as a model for creative solutions to mobility problems.

2.    Promoting Bogota as a model for progress and solutions when faced with social inclusion challenges.

3.    Promoting Bogota as a city that moves towards environmental sustainability and the protection of biodiversity.


2. Public-Private Partnership

The City Marketing Strategy has been developed with a long-term view in mind, through a public-private partnership led by the City Tourism Institute, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Invest in Bogota. 

This partnership allows the strategy to transcend a single organization, not being exposed to changes in administration or to a single agency for the promotion of tourism or investment, as it is a joint responsibility in which citizens, entrepreneurs, associations, tourists, the media and other influential stakeholders come together to position Bogota in the international environment through messages directed to highlight its strengths.

Advisory Committee. The goal of this committee is to provide a space for inter-institutional dialogue around the City Marketing Strategy and related projects. The Committee is the body responsible for tracking projects from a city-marketing perspective, and to measure their impact in improving the perception about the city.

The following bodies take part in this committee. 

  • City Office for International Affairs.
  • Bogota Chamber of Commerce.
  • City Secretary for Economic Development.
  • City Secretary for Culture, Recreation and Sports.
  • City Tourism Institute.
  • Bogota Conventions Bureau.
  • Corferias.
  • Invest in Bogota.


3. Partnerships with projects.

As opposed to other strategies, Bogota's City Marketing Strategy is based on contents being positioned through city projects which are compliant with certain conditions, which include:

  • Being projects that respond to, and are integrated with, the goals and objectives of the sectors being prioritized: business, culture, mobility, social equity, tourism and the environment. 
  • Incorporating different stakeholders, thus generating an impact over specific communities or social interest groups.
  • Having an internationalization component in their corresponding sector or specific area. 
  • Involving international characters of international renown in their corresponding fields, and who already have received international awards, or are headed in that direction. 
  • Having their financial perspective secured by their partner institutions, the Chamber of Commerce, or third parties that have a proven management capacity and social and financial sustainability.
  • Having a communications strategy on domestic or international media in place, which includes, among others, a Web site - with a section in English, if applicable - the participation of international journalists and other agreements with domestic or international media.  Furthermore, their message must help highlight the city's most noteworthy values. 

Value propositions. The projects which comprise Bogota's City Marketing Strategy are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Articulation and strategy. Advise in the design of strategies to position the project internationally.
  • Content development. Joint design of contents to communicate projects in the most effective manner. 
  • Digital Platform.  Visibility in their digital communication strategies. 
  • Promotional materials. According to availability and interest, materials such as brochures, notepads, pens. 
  • License under the Visual Identity System (SIV) of the City Brand.  Free licensing of the city brand and assistance in using the SIV on the items used to communicate the project. 
  • Presence of opinion leaders and international reporters. Co-financing of trips by opinion leaders and journalist from internationally renowned media.
  • Free press. Promotion of the project in media data bases. 

Projects incorporated since the creation of this strategy.

  • UNESCO Candidacy, Network of Creative Music Cities.
  • Support for the Sebastián Saavedra - Indy Lights 2011 season.
  • Bogota 2012 Latin American Theater Festival.
  • Bogota Audiovisual Market 2012.
  • Social Media Week Bogota 2012.
  • FOCALAE (Cooperation Forum between Latin America and the Caribbean and East Asia).
  • Colombia 3.0 2012.
  • ArtBo 2012.
  • Expo Oil & Gas.
  • Cities and Climate Change Summit..
  • Bogota International Music Festival.
  • America Cantat 7 Festival
  • Bogota International Book Fair 2013
  • Fotografica Bogota 2013
  • Fashion Circle Bogotá 2013

  • Rock al Parque
  • Rock al Parque - Latinamerican Tour
  • Bogota Audiovisual Market
  • Latinamerican Architecture Congress - SAL 15
  • Social Media Week
  • Colombia 3.0
  • Smart City Expo 2013
  • ArtBO 2013
  • Biolatam 
  • Bogoshorts


4. City Brand.

The city's brand is a communications tool that supports those projects involved in the City's Marketing Strategy.

The brand uses a series of graphic symbols and uses, which make it visible in different environments, as it may be applied. Therefore, the Visual Identity Symbol (SIV) uses these symbols whose purpose is to represent and identify an object, company or organization within the context of its own market. 

It may adapt to different application needs, depending on the area, activity or sector that is generating the corresponding communication, the target audience, and the means through which it is being conveyed.