Bogota entrepreneurship capital

Bogota is emerging as one of the main business centers in the region, its privileged location and dynamic development make it day to day one a very appealing place for large companies worldwide; in addition to its attractiveness as an epicenter of the business world in the region, it increasingly stands out in the new trend of startups and the entrepreneurship phenomenon.


Bogota as a center for entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America

Bogota is emerging as one of the main business centers in the region, and it is increasingly standing out in the new trend of StartUps and the entrepreneurship phenomenon.


Supporting Entities

Entities and organizations that support, advise and promote the city's entrepreneurs in their structuring, financing and growth process.


On- trend startups from Bogotá Region

Learn about some of the highlighted startups that have emerged from, and established in Bogota Region.


Incentives for entrepreneurs

It is crucial to know the regulatory framework that allows innovative projects enhance their growth, as well as the scope of the new measures issued by the National Government that seek to balance the harmful economic effects derived from the pandemic.

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