Bogota as a center for entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America

Bogota is emerging as one of the main business centers in the region, its privileged location and dynamic development make it day by day stand as one of the top choices for large companies globally; In addition to its attractiveness as the epicenter of the business world in the region, it is increasingly standing out in the new trend of StartUps and the entrepreneurship phenomenon.

Here are some facts that are relevant to understand Bogota's entrepreneurship ecosystem: 

1. Of the total investments received in Colombia between 2016 and 2020, 61% of them were for ventures originating in the Bogota Region.

Foreign capital raised by the Bogota Region's entrepreneurship ecosystem (2016 – 2020)

Foreign capital in Bogota

2. Recognized investors in the industry have believed in the potential of our entrepreneurs.

Recognized investors in the industry in 2021

Soft Bank Colombia

a16z Colombia

Sequoia Colombia

Monashees Colombia

Kaszek Colombia

NXTP Colombia

ClockTower technologies Colombia

Y Combinator Colombia

Alpha 4 Colombia





3. More than 60 entrepreneurships with investments of more than US 1 million. 

Number of entrepreneurships with capital raised greater than US 1 million (2007 – March 2021)

Entrepreneurships in Bogota

Additionally, the region has a positioning in Latin America that speaks of the strengthening of its ecosystem over the last 5 years.:

Entrepreneurship in Bogota

It is for this reason that several actors of the ecosystem are present in the region with a multiple offer of services with the objective of supporting the growth of entrepreneurship and internationalization

Ecosystem characterization
Entrepreneurship characterization in Bogota

Bogota's entrepreneurship ecosystem