Bogota as a center for entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America

Bogota is emerging as one of the main business centers in the region, its privileged location and the dynamic development of the city make it day by day one of the main options for large companies globally; in addition to the attractiveness of the city as the epicenter of the business world in the region, it is increasingly emerging in the new trend of StartUps and the phenomenon of entrepreneurship.

1. Of the total investments received in Colombia between 2021 and 2022, 91% were for ventures originating in the Bogota Region.

The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bogota-Region has positioned itself as the most important in the country, with the largest number of startups raising capital from foreign and local investors, 76% of the ventures that raised capital in 2022, are startups from Bogota-Region. These companies have raised an investment of close to USD $1,711 million, which corresponds to 91% of the total capital raised by Colombian startups. 

2. Positive trend continues during 2022

2022 was a year of global challenges. With a scenario of rising inflation, economic downturn, a generalized increase in interest rates and what was called the “Venture Capital market correction”, expectations for the Venture Capital market were not optimistic. However, Bogota Region ventures participated in 144 investment rounds during 2022, which represents an increase of 24% compared to the rounds held in 2021, a year in which investment for an approximate amount of USD $1,592 million was received. 

3. Fintech is considered the most representative sector in capital raising in Bogota.

Bogota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is diverse and numerous. When analyzing the capital raising rounds by niche, the Fintech sector stands out, as it was the most representative in capital raising in 2022, with 52 investment rounds carried out in 2022, in which more than USD $761 million were raised. Other growth sectors were E-commerce, DeepTech, Retailtech and Proptech. The latter performed particularly well in 2022, being the sector that on average raised the most capital per investment round, the average investment was USD $27 million in each investment round, startups such as Habi, La Haus and Acasa stand out. Particularly Habi, which in the second quarter of 2022 raised USD $270 million in two transactions.

4. Top investors in Bogota in 2022.

Below are the 9 investors that participated the most in Bogota venture investment rounds in 2022, 5 are from the United States, 2 are from Brazil and 2 are from Germany (one of which is a company).


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