Invest in Bogota supports entrepreneurship

Bogota is emerging as one of the main business centers in the region, its privileged location and dynamic development make it day by day stand as one of the top choices for large companies globally; In addition to its attractiveness as the epicenter of the business world in the region, it is increasingly standing out in the new trend of StartUps and the entrepreneurship phenomenon. 

An important evidence of this is the development and evolution the city has had in recent years in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Bogota has the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity (19.2%) in the country. In 2019, 309,463 companies were created in Colombia, of which 25% were created in the city. In addition, Bogota is number one with high-impact ventures (67%).

The rate of entrepreneurship for opportunity doubles that of entrepreneurship for necessity and the highest rate of emerging entrepreneurial activities occurs in the group of people with university education (43%), with postgraduate studies (18%) and secondary education (14%) .  * Source: Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, 2020.

Additionally, between 2010 and September 2019, Bogotá raised US $ 1,764 million, a number only surpassed during this period by the results evidenced for Sao Paulo.

venture capital raised

Source: Crunchbase. *Extracted from Virgin Mobile and LifeMiles Colombia investment