Bogota projects that respond to Covid-19

At Invest in Bogota, agency that promotes foreign investment and acts as a liaison of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Colombian capital, we looked for those entrepreneurs that are offering services that facilitate the lives of people in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency in Colombia.

# BogotáEmprendedora campaign

Our first action was to launch a campaign called #BogotáEmprendedora to make businesses that have applied new measures to face Covid19 visible. 

Event for entrepreneurs: Together against Covid-19

On Thursday, June 4th, 2020, we invited the projects that participated in the campaign, to a virtual closure of the #BogotáEmprendedora Covid-19 campaign, where we highlighted the importance of the ventures and what they mean to the community and the economy.

We had the participation of our executive director Juan Gabriel Pérez, and Ricardo Leyva, CEO and founder of SISTOLE, partner and board member of EXMA and investor of Shark Tank Colombia; who will gave us some key business tips for this juncture.

(Video in Spanish)


Take a glimpse of #BogotáEmprendedora campaign

(Video in Spanish)


Learn about some of the ventures that participated in #BogotáEmprendedora campaign

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Arma tu vaca creates a line of crowdfunding called "Vacanes"

Platform that helps to collect money between people and simplifies the management between groups. Right now, they have a crowdfunding line called "Vacanes", in which they raise money for different foundations and initiatives that seek to help the people that are in most need in this crisis. 


Avanzo offers digital revolving credits with a payroll descount 

First company in Colombia, that without being a financial institution, offers digital revolving credits with payroll discount. Avanzo lends money to its clients, upon registration of the company in which they work, and is focused on people who earn less than 2 minimum wages. 


Consulti a plataform thats seeks to support the health system of the country 

"Consulti is an online medical advice platform that connects people with health problems with professionals who are fit to solve their needs". According to Juan Camilo Benavides, people sign up to the platform, review the list of available doctors, contact them and schedule their appointment. In addition, they offer advice through Whatsapp with trained staff that guides people on which medical specialist they should consult according to their needs. 

The key to this platform lies in being a support to the country's medical system, especially at the moment like the one currently in place. According to Benavides, "technology allows us to easily connect with information and health care channels that can help us avoid exposure to the virus and avoid saturating our country's health system"


Datup bets on hospital capacity forecasting through artificial intelligence and big data

Datup is a big data and artificial intelligence platform that helps companies transform data into insights so that with this information, they can make strategic decisions, improve their processes and reduce costs. Currently, according to Felipe Hernández, co-founder, they are developing models of artificial intelligence and big data to make forecasts of hospital capacity and product supply to find solutions for the current situation in the country.


1DOC3 facilitates medical consultation with virtual platform

This virtual medical guidance platform allows anyone to chat with a doctor at any time and from their cell phone by downloading an app or accessing a website. "In this crisis and emergency scenario, the important thing is to be able to consult with a doctor and not attend an emergency room or an office unless strictly necessary," says Javier Cardona, co-founder of 1DOC3.

In the midst of the coronavirus emergency, the platform developed a virtual space with a "symptom checker assistant" and relevant information for people who want to know more about this virus.


Fitpal launches a virtual platform to access more than 700 gyms

Fitpal is an app that groups more than 700 gyms through a single subscription. With it, users can access thousands of physical and wellness activities. Currently, with most of the country's gyms closed on behalf of Coronavirus, this venture developed a platform called Fitpal Home, which allows its users to access virtually the gyms from anywhere in Colombia. "Users can access these gyms through video calls and digital classes that we are setting up on our platform so that anyone can access physical and wellness activity," says Julián Torres, Fitpal's manager and founder.

In addition, in the coming days this company will offer free virtual classes for the entire population. "We are going to take meditation, physical activity, stretching and nutrition classes so that we can bring well-being and health to the homes of all Colombians," he explains. 


Foodology offers Bogota's citizens, high quality food from the safety of their homes

It's a venture that has different virtual brands of restaurants that offer deliveries. In the midst of the current juncture, Foodology has implemented multiple health measures such as hand washing every half hour, acrylic plugs for all restaurant staff and security tape on all orders.

"In the midst of this situation we want to offer the Bogota's citizens the possibility of receiving high quality food at home from the safety of their homes. To our loyal customers and new customers I ask you to trust us and continue to support Colombian entrepreneurs so that we can all overcome this situation together," says Daniela Izquierdo, co-founder of Foodology.


Frubana connects local producers with restaurants

This venture created in 2018 is a technology company, specializing in fruits, vegetables and food, that connects local producers directly with restaurants. It currently operates in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, where it works with more than 200 local producers. Frubana allows restaurants in the cities in which it operates to be supplied amid measures taken to contain the spread of Coronavirus. 

"At Frubana we are aware of the current situation and continue to work to ensure products in optimal conditions. The collaborators are being monitored daily with a checkpoint established at the entrance of all the storehouse to check the health status of all of us who are part of the company", highlighted Miguel Silva, Head of Product and co-founder of Frubana. 


iDO Learning offers local schools the platform to teach English for free

This platform for learning English offers its services throughout Latin America through technology, content and immersive experiences. His contribution in the midst of the current situation has been the opening of his courses so that any public school in Bogota and the country can make use of them.

"Throughout the contingency by COVID-19 students and teachers will have free access to our platform. All the English teachers have to do is write an email to with the name of the school and the number of students who require access to the platform," explains Sandro Franco, CEO of IDO Learning.


Lentesplus doesn't leave its customers behind

LentesPlus is a visual health company that delivers contact lenses at home. Right now, as its spokesman explains, the online channel plays a key role in solving the needs of people who need lenses to be able to see. "We are helping to ensure that these products are a necessity are not lacking," he says.

In addition to this, the company ensures a maximum level of hygiene and control throughout the chain until the customer receives their product. This is reinforced by the creation of content that informs users of the hygiene measures they must have when receiving their lenses and using them.


Life Design helps people to design a short-medium and long term life plan, specially for students

"Online platform that helps young people find their purpose of life and design their future," according to Felipe Rojas, CEO and cofounder. This is a tool that through technology, machine learning, education and psychology, allows people to design a life plan with short, medium and long-term goals.


Maestrik the educational app that offers more than 320 topics in its virtual classes

This education-focused entrepreneurship offers virtual classes in more than 320 subjects with certified teachers in Colombia and Mexico. "We are encouraging virtual classes, education doesn't stop, and it's important that we all take that attitude of continuing to learn, to continue to strengthen that knowledge we need," explains Camilo Sardi, maestrik's founder.

Through the app, users can select the subject in which they want to receive the classes, then look for the teacher to fit their need, schedule and budget, and finally take the class. 


Mangus offers its platform for free during COVID-19 crisis

Mangus is a virtual education platform for primary and secondary teachers and students. It offers subjects such as biology, Spanish, language, mathematics, personal skills, computer science and English. In addition, for teachers it offers training to improve their skills in virtual education and strategies to increase student motivation.

Given the current conditions in which all students require distance education, the platform is available for free, according to Harold Cómbita, Mangus manager.


Medicapp opens new care channels on its medical services platform

Medicapp is a multichannel platform that provides medical services at people's home nationwide, in cities such as Bogota and surrounding municipalities, Medellín, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cartagena and Cali. According to their co-founder, Daniel Urrego, they have recently opened new channels of care to pay attention to more people, such as the telephone counseling service. Other services on this platform include home medical consultation, specialty home exams, and home clinical laboratory.


Peewah offers discount to companies that have less than 3 years of being settle in the market

Platform that allows to manage, promote and media face-to-face and virtual events. As Camilo Sacanamboy explains, "I found an opportunity in the crisis and is to allow thousands of event organizers not to cancel their events but to take them to a virtual mode with unlimited participants and online payments".Currently, the platform has an 80% discount for companies that have less than three years of being incorporated.


Pediahome platform helps you access pediatricians online

Pediahome is a platform specialized in pediatric medicine. Through this, people can make online appointments and ask for a home tacre of pediatricians.


Quqo, an app that offers hygiene and health standards to shopkeepers 

App that connects and supplies more than 36,000 shopkeepers in Bogota, Medellin and Cali with all the necessary hygiene and sanitation measures to ensure the correct handling of all products from the time they arrive at their storehouse until they are delivered to the shopkeeper. Currently, they have developed a new functionality in their application through which people can ask directly from shopkeepers, thus energizing these businesses and providing solutions to the community.


Rydder seeks to support Bogota's supply chain

This is a digital startup focused on logistics, which delivers products under the delivery model, and offers its services to shops in Bogota to maintain the city's supply at the juncture of COVID-19.

"At this time we want to make all our tools useful, first to to take care of neccesities at home and secondly, to people who have the conditions to fill the logistics process of delivery and want to work in an independent business model," says Pablo Andrés Arias, a member of the Rydder team."


Stereotheque creates "Covidate" app that explores incentives for artists and creatives

Market network with international presence that connects creatives in music and entertainment,
with different opportunities to boost their careers. From the COVID-19 crisis, they created the Covidate app, which explores the different economic incentives that exist for artists, musicians and creatives in Latin America, the United States and Europe.


Tu Negocio, an app that helps merchants retain and build loyalty with consumers

Platform that allows small and medium-sized shops, such as, hairdressers and drugstores, to increase their income thanks to the loyalty and retention of their customers. Currently, they make available to the shops their platform so that they can send up to a thousand text messages to their customers free of charge, to inform them about schedules, addresses, among other topics of interest.


Vet+O 24 hour online veterinary 

Daniela Peñaranda, veterinary physician and co-founder of Vet+O, explains that thanks to this application anyone can receive veterinary advice 24 hours. "With Vet+O they can clarify any doubts or they can consult any changes in behavior or physique that they see in their pet, and most importantly they will be able to do it without leaving home and from anywhere in the country," she says.


Vueltap speeds up product delivery to its costumers during COVID-19

Shipping ompany expert in logistics and express courier in Bogota. Through their website or by phone, customers can coordinate any delivery and collection of products quickly and safely. As Camilo Arango, co-founder of this company explains, "We are looking for products to reach customers as soon as possible, we are working to make sure that there is no problems in the supply chain, so that brands can deliver their products, so that the economy continues (...) We believe that it is a responsibility that we have as a Vueltapp to take this country forward and that people can improve so that the economy continues."



Wyls offers its cars as a transportation alternative for doctors and groceries delivery

Entrepreneurship that allows car rental in the Rappi platform and was created as a mobility alternative in the city. In these times of emergency they are carrying out two initiatives: the first is giving trips to doctors who need to move to their homes and/or health institutions and the second is that they joined with foundations and brands to deliver non-perishable markets to people who cannot access food and street dwellers.