Bcapital, the disruptive fashion scene in Bogota


Bcapital is a Colombian fashion event that will take place in Bogota. It offers new forms of expression, breaking with norms in a disruptive way to open dialogue with distinctive perspectives from fashion. The event takes place October 17, 18 and 19 in different venues across the center of the capital.

Faenza Theater (Carrera 5 # 21 – 38)

México Theater (Calle 22 #5 – 85)

Mapa Teatro (Carrera 7 # 23 – 08)

In this version. Bcapital covers three central focal points from the avantgarde spirit of Colombian designers: knowledge, fashion, and lifestyles. There will be different free conferences and dynamic workshops in different parts of the city.

The exploration of links between fashion, knowledge, and heritage is the thematic base of the event that seeks to contribute to the preservation of Colombia’s cultural heritage from “tradition and modernity, the urban and the rural, the global and the local.”

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