Bogota hosts the latest trends in the healthcare sector with Meditech

Bogota hosts the latest trends in the healthcare sector with Meditech

The sixth edition of Meditech, one of the major international business fairs for the Latin American healthcare sector, will take place in Bogota from July 3 to 6. This event is organized by the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics -ACHC- and Corferias, and it will be held at the facilities of this convention center in Bogota. 

During the event, participants will have the possibility of discovering the latest trends and topics in the healthcare sector, which include the technological advances that are promoting progress in the sector and a long-term vision over what the future holds. In the same vein, Meditech will allow the most important players in the healthcare sector to live, experience and sample health products and services, and to think of health as a driver of competitiveness and business opportunities. 

The event will have different healthcare experts who will have the opportunity to discuss and get to know the changes and current priorities of the health sector. 

Meditech Exhibitors 2018: 

Manufacturing companies, representatives of brands and/or distributors of:

  • Medical-surgical equipment; 
  • Hospital equipment, furniture, beds and chairs, orthopedics and rehabilitation;
  • Hospital architecture;
  • Medical-surgical supplies; 
  • Pharmaceutical products for in-hospital use; 
  • Software for the healthcare sector, services for health providers;
  • Medicinal gases;
  • Equipment and supplies for clinical laboratories: uniforms, provisions, hospital clothing;
  • International medical services; 
  • Multi-sectorial services;
  • Ambulances and specialized transport.

Within the framework of Meditech, the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics will likewise hold the XIII International Conference of Hospitals and Clinics on July 4 and 5. The Meditech academic event will feature the presence of national and international speakers who will give attendees a different view on the operation of healthcare services.

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