The creative industries come together this November for the El Dorado Festival

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Creative industries in Bogota

On November 18 and 19, Bogota will host the International Festival for the Creative Industries: El Dorado, a venue for top leaders, brands and players from the industry to come together to discuss and celebrate creativity.

El Dorado

The event began by bringing together clients and advertisers from the advertising industry in its inaugural version but has since expanded to several different fields in the world of creativity. It now seeks to spread the ideas and thoughts of Colombia throughout the world and to position the local market internationally.

Some of its main speakers this year include Susan Hoffman, Co-Chief Creative Officer of Wieden + Kennedy; Bob Isherwood, Course Dean of the Cannes Lions Creative Academy; Pablo del Campo, Founder of El Campo Global; Carlos Bayala, Founder and CCO of New London; and Senta Slingerland, Brand Strategist & Creative Consultant, Founder of See It, Be It.

As part of the creative industries, Colombia’s advertising sector represents almost 0.4% of the nation’s GDP. It is also an ever-evolving sector that is constantly growing and developing.

Visit the website for the full list of the festival’s speakers:

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