The first edition of the event for haute cuisine comes to Bogota: Bogota Madrid Fusion

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Working with the Vocento Group of Spain, this year the Bogota Chamber of Commerce has decided to introduce an event to the city that, for the first time, will bring together top leaders in national and international cuisine, such as cooks and chefs, to position Bogota at the epicenter of Latin American gastronomy.

Bogotá Madrid Fusión

The event, Bogota Madrid Fusion, will be held at Corferias and will take place over four days between November 7 and 10. In addition to the attendance of about 20 international chefs from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, this culinary event will host a wide variety of venues such as live cooking sessions, masterclasses, talks and space open for the public to sample this culinary experience.

Its program will include talks such as “In search of Colombian haute cuisine,” “Replacements for illegal crops and haute cuisine,” “Colombia and Spain at the table,” “Cooking for the Z Generation,” “The Caribbean and its culinary biodiversity,” and “Amazonian synesthesia.”

 The following are some of its main speakers: Joan Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca in Spain; Harry Sasson, from the Harry Sasson restaurant representing Colombia; and Yoshihiro Narisawa, from the Narisawa restaurant in Japan, one of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

 Bogota Madrid Fusion seeks to position the city as the heart of gastronomy both for Latin America and for the world, not only showcasing the talent of chefs and professionals in terms of gastronomy but also placing the spotlight on the flavors and colors of both Bogota and Colombian cuisine. 

 For more information about the event, visit its official website: