“More women on bikes", the Slogan for the 7th Bicycle Week


During the last week of September, the capital city of Bogota will extend a special invitation to its inhabitants to experience a few days filled with sports, health and leisure activities in order to promote bicycles as a means of everyday transportation.

Semana de la bici

This year, the Mayor’s Office of Bogota and the Bogota Secretariat of Mobility have put the spotlight on women. “More women on bikes” is this year’s slogan for an event that seeks to raise awareness among women that they too can use a bicycle and have nothing to fear. This is because, as a percentage, men are the ones who most use this means of transport on a daily basis.

All throughout September, the people of Bogota will be able to find activities and events covering this topic. Special events will also take place between September 26-29 such as the first International Women’s Cycling Congress, which includes a night ride and an extensive academic agenda that will be held at the Virgilio Barco Library.

On September 28, a campaign will take place with several activities in different parts of the capital city to help support the initiative of more women riding bikes. The three main themes of this campaign will be communication and culture, designing safe cities and collective participation.

To conclude this year’s bike week, on the last Sunday of the month, sports activities will take place, such as urban rides and a historical patrimony bike tour with women.

This initiative seeks to improve the city’s sustainability through micro-mobility, which are modes of transport used to travel short distances. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the city’s transport infrastructure projects to improve mobility, the quality of life of its inhabitants and to increase the city’s productivity.