The Music Industry Comes Together at BOMM – Bogota Music Market 2019

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Bogota ciudad de la Música

The eighth edition of the Bogota Music Market, BOMM, is on its way. The event will take place this year from September 10-13 at the Centro Empresarial Salitre at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (Avenida El Dorado # 68D-35).


Organized by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, BOMM is an event dedicated completely to the music business where composers, musicians, entrepreneurs, producers, and national and international labels gather to learn about new trends in the industry and discover potential business opportunities.

It is a great opportunity for Colombian artists to demonstrate their talent and therefore not only make themselves known to the big names of the music industry but also find new ways of doing business by using their talents.

BOMM has several different aspects to it: “Bomm talks” are opportunities for renowned international guests to share their experiences and the lessons they learned in the music industry, “Showcases” feature live musical presentations, “Bomm labs” are workshops with national representatives from the industry that cover general interest topics in the music world, and lastly, a speed-networking space will be held in order for entrepreneurs and artists to connect and create business networks.

This event is intended to help position Bogota as the music capital of Latin America and is part of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce’s strategy to promote the cultural and creative industries as potential economic developers for the city. 

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