This October, Bogota sets the stage once again for the Bogota International Film Festival

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This year’s Bogota International Film Festival is in its fifth edition. In continuing with positioning the city as a leader of the audiovisual industry, it will be held from October 10 to 16 in Bogota’s main theaters.

Bogota International Film Festival

On this occasion, the festival’s program will be marked by the presence of Asian films and will also include categories that are new to the event’s traditional sections: Identities (Identidades), a series of films that includes new forms of community; and Shades of Thriller (Tonos de thriller), where traditional thriller films will be portrayed in a disruptive and different way.

BIFF’s regular sections will also be offered: Colombia Live (Colombia viva), highlighting the most important films of our country; Young Spirit (Espíritu joven), showcasing the bold proposals of new generations; Masters, where iconic directors will feature their latest stories; Ghost from the Past (Fantasma del pasado), a section that explores the unknown of different eras; Insubordinates (Insumis@s), a section for alternative proposals which portray atypical proposals and characters; Retrospective Autentika Films (Retrospectiva autentika films), where some of the festival’s important guest speakers gather to reflect and share their account of their processes in the film world; Film Concerts (Cine conciertos), which will feature two great monumental works of film selected by the festival; and Biff Kids, where kids will be able to enjoy playful and responsible audiovisual content alongside industry professionals.

 BIFF will also have a selection of very important international guests, including the director of Family Members, Mateo Bendesky; Xabiani Ponce de León, the actor who brings life to Omar in Bienvenida a la realidad (the Mexican telenovela); Paulo De Carvalho, the producer of Autentika Films; and Ella Smith, the leading actress of Ray & Liz.

 The festival is a symbol of the importance that the city gives to the audiovisual industry, representing 63.9% of Bogota’s creative and intellectual property companies. Additionally, as of 2017, Bogota was home to 1,663 audiovisual companies, representing 15% of the total cultural sector.

 Take a look at the festival’s fifth edition by visiting its official website, where you will find its different events, all the guests that will be in attendance, and the complete program: