ScaleUp Endeavor arrives in Bogota on May 22

Scaleup Endeavor Bogota

Endeavor, the organization which leads the movement for high impact entrepreneurship at a global level and promotes economic growth and job creation in a country, will hold a new edition of its ScaleUp conference in Colombia. The aim of the conference is to encourage and support new entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

Endeavor arrived in Colombia in 2006 and has since then become a leader in the development of national entrepreneurship. It has also contributed both to the transformation and strengthening of the culture of high impact entrepreneurship as well as the mentoring of new entrepreneurs. ScaleUp Endeavor Conference 2018, the latest edition of the largest high impact entrepreneurship event in Colombia, will be held on this occasion at the Compensar facilities of Avenida 68, Bogota on May 22.

The event features a network of mentors fully trained to advise any type of business or venture. These are world-class leaders, successful entrepreneurs, investors and exports who have voluntarily agreed to share their knowledge with entrepreneurs to help them create successful companies.

From 7am to 6pm talks, discussions and international speaker panels will not be the only thing on offer at this event. Each conference room is focused on a different life stage of a company. That is to say, in the first simultaneous conference room there will be discussions about obtaining capital for the creation and development of a company. The second conference room will be all about innovative strategies to increase sales. Finally, the third conference room will focus on techniques to promote and improve the work team of a business and increase its efficiency. With this, attendees can discover what their businesses specifically need to progress.

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