Annual Foreign Investment Meet in Bogota

evento anual
third annual investment meet

The Third Annual Foreign Investment Meet in Bogota is an event organized by Invest in Bogota, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and the Mayor’s Office. This space will promote foreign investment in the creative sectors, focusing on the power of creativity to transform cities and on the challenges and opportunities of foreign investment in the orange economy.

The event will take place Friday August 31, 2018 at the Main Hall of the Salitre headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.

In its third edition, the event seeks to promote a closer relationship between institutions, the local and international creative industry, and businesses from all sectors, Likewise, the event will have the participation of experts such as Andrés Calderón, CEO and Executive Producer of Dynamo; Laura Tesoriero, VP for Latin America of the Orchard. The event will also have in its agenda important conferences on the creative industries sector.

The event’s agenda is designed to highlight the role that the creative industries are playing in the country’s productive development, as well as the potential that this sector of the economy has a promoter of investment in the Bogota region.

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