Aerospace Industry


Bogota was recognized as one of the aerospace cities of the future, ranking first in innovation and attractiveness, according to the Financial Times Aerospace Cities of the future 2018/19 ranking. 


Sector with high potential due to the country’s strategic location  

  • High demand for maintenance and operation services for passenger and cargo movement 

  • Colombia has the largest air fleet in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico. About 300 commercial aircrafts and 490 aircrafts of the air force. 

  • Bogota has the first airport in cargo movement in Latin America, shipping 742,000 tons per year; and is the third largest civil aviation market with a capacity of 100 operations per hour and 32.7 million passengers per year. 

  • By 2035, the El Dorado airport (located in Bogota) plans to increase its capacity to 170 operations per hour, transporting 62 million passengers and shipping 1.1 million tons of cargo per year. 


An efficient and globally focused aeronautical maintenance center 

In Bogota there are about ten aeronautical workshops authorized for the process of maintenance and repair of engines, propellers, structures (metal and composite), instruments, radio navigation, accessories of military and commercial aircrafts and helicopters. 

Constant and rapid growth in repair, maintenance, manufacture of aeronautical parts and assembly of aircraft for the Colombian air force  

Capacity of the metal-mechanical, plastics and textile industries to supply materials and components for the aerospace industry. 


Investment Opportunities 

  • Manufacture of civil aircraft components for export by air 

  • Establishment of commercial aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) centers 

  • Commercial aircraft parts manufacturing: tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers 

  • Assembly of light aircrafts, military training planes and manufacture of sophisticated drones 

  • Possibility of meeting demand from the national and regional defense sector 

  • Cooperation with industries established in Bogota Region: metal mechanic, plastic, and textile. 

  • Political will to generate incentives for the aerospace industry’s growth.


Updated (mm/dd/yyyy): 06.30.2021

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