Circular Economy


A business opportunity to be exploited in the country and in the city 

Bogota is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Latin America and is the largest consumer center in Colombia. 

The city has a high share of usable solid waste, approximately 55% of which can be reincorporated into production processes. 

Leading region in waste recycling  

Bogota’s current recycling rate stands at 8.7%, one of the highest in Latin America, ahead Mexico City (5.0%) and Sao Paulo (2.0%). 

Bogota has 178 sorting and recycling stations that process 78,700 tons of solid waste, 80.3% of the country’s total (SSPD). 

Investment opportunities 

  • Eco-design, development and manufacturing of biopolymers and packaging products for the consumer goods industry: food and cosmetics. 

  • Recovery/recycling of materials from plastic waste, electronics (e-waste), metals, cement/concrete (construction and demolition) and textiles. 

  • Wastewater treatment and reuse (green chemistry/enzymes). 

  • More efficient technologies for plastic material recovery such as chemical recycling (in Colombia there is currently only mechanical recycling). 

  • Energy recovery from urban organic waste and residual biomass, especially agricultural and agro-industrial waste. (e.g. Doña Juana Landfill project).

Updated (mm/dd/yyyy): 06.30.2021

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