Electrical equipment, materials and devices


Growing demand for electrical materials and devices  

Bogota Region concentrates 71.1% of the production of electrical manufactures, equivalent to COP$150.7 billion and generates 61.5% of the exports of this type of products.  

Sustained growth in domestic demand  

Solid presence of consumer sectors with positive growth prospects: 

  • Construction activity contributes COP $14,996 billion to Bogota Region’s GDP, records a strong acceleration of 6.2%, higher than the national average growth of 5.8% and well above the dynamics recorded in Mexico (0.9%) and Brazil (0.2%). 

  • In the Bogota Region alone, 55,250 new housing units were launched in 2019. 

  • The electricity, gas and water supply sector contribute COP$8,704 billion to the regional GDP, approximately 2.8%. 

  • Bogota Region is the largest industrial center in the country, concentrating 41.8% of the manufacturing fabric and 37.4% in terms of jobs in Colombia. 

  • There are also city projects with an impact on the increase in demand, such as the Bogotá metro, charging infrastructure for electric mobility and smart city solutions. 

  • Projected to reach a fleet of 78,000 electric vehicles by 2030, mainly cabs (50,000) and buses (250 articulated). 

Investment Opportunities  

  • Manufacture of products with a high technological component and relatively low size/weight. Oriented to satisfy domestic and export demand in the U.S.A., Andean area, and Central America. 

  • Electrical material and equipment for industrial and commercial installations 

  • Materials and devices for the development of mass electric transportation: subways, streetcars and intermunicipal trains. 

  • Electrical equipment for the IT sector, telecommunications, and data centers. 

  • Recharging centers for electromobility: EV, EVH and micromobility. 


Updated (mm/dd/yyyy): 06.30.2021

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