Energy Technology


The Bogota Region is Colombia’s main economic, industrial and business center and accounts for 25% of the country’s energy consumption. 

High demand for energy technology due to dynamic economic growth and electricity demand. 

The IDB estimates investment needs in Colombia of $9.63 billion for planned new capacity, $17.8 billion in replacement and modernization, and $1.22 billion in electricity networks through 2040. 

Leadership in related technology manufacturing 

  • Bogota-Cundinamarca electric power cluster contributes 2.2% of the regional GDP, is constituted by 14,700 companies, and generates around 53,500 direct jobs and 19,200 in related goods. 

  • Main manufacturing center for goods related to the generation, supply, and distribution of electric power in the country. 

  • The city-region exports US$250.4 million worth of energy technology each year. 

Optimal cost-quality labor balance  

  • High availability of trained human capital : A total of 34,298 engineers graduate each year, 3,670 of them specialized in electrical engineering and related fields. 
  • Competitive costs: The cost of technical human capital and electrical engineers is similar to the salary cost in China and Mexico and up to 35% more competitive than industrial centers in South America. 

Investment Opportunities 

Manufacture of products with a high technological component and relatively low size/weight. Oriented to satisfy domestic demand and exports to the U.S., Andean area and Central America. 

  • Energy efficiency and demand management solutions: smart grids, distribution network automation, advanced metering and telemetry 

  • Power electronics: Devices for transforming and controlling voltages and currents. 

  • Self-generation / distributed generation technology for large consumers. 

  • Devices for integration and storage of renewable energies (FNCER): wind turbine inverters, trackers, charge regulators, etc.


Updated (mm/dd/yyyy): 06.30.2021

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