Infrastructure and City Projects

Infraestructura y proyectos de ciudad

Sector behaviour during Covid-19

  • The National Government has determined that the infrastructure sector is one of the great key game changers of the national economy to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector has productive chains that allow not only the activation of construction projects, but also the activation of attached sectors such as building materials, between production and supply. 
  • In response to this worldwide situation, two plans have been created “construir y construir” and “roads to legality”, where the Government has defined 50 strategic infrastructure projects in order to bring about 39,000 jobs to the Colombian economy. 

Bogota continues to work to improve its infrastructure and security focused on key points to offer a better quality of life for its inhabitants. The sectors that must be strengthened and where the development of infrastructure can generate a biggest impact are mobility, urban renewal, social infrastructure, water and sanitation.

Therefore, in the last years, the city has doubled its investment to the development of large infrastructure projects and has focused on structuring contracts under the Public-Private Partnerships scheme that has allowed the creation of a robust pipeline of projects for Bogota.

Why you should settle in Bogota?

In 2019, Bogota has contributed with 29,5% of the GDP of the country. With a GDP per capita of USD $ 9,247, together with a media class of 51.6%, it is the main center of consumption in the country.

Bogota-Region GDP surpasses several countries GDPs such as Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, and El Salvador. Bogota-Region has been characterized by having a favorable macroeconomic environment with economic growth of 3% and inflation of 3.1%, being lower than Colombia and Latin America’s inflation.

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The strategic location and its daily air connections make Bogota an ideal place to serve regional markets. Bogota has become the headquarters for more than 100 international infrastructure companies. It is the city of the country that has the largest portfolio of infrastructure megaprojects, becoming an attractive destination for any foreign company in the sector.

According to the Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce, the construction sector contributes with 19.7% of Bogota’s GDP and it has generated around 678.000 direct jobs. In the last 5 years, the construction sector has grown an average of 8%, consolidating itself as one of the sectors that drive economic growth in the country.

Bogota is a stable city for doing business and has a solid financial system, according to the Fitch rating agency that has rated the city with BBB. 

Our experience in infrastructure and City Projects

Infrastructure projects in Bogota

Since 2013, Invest in Bogota has formed a team focused on supporting infrastructure companies to install their business in the city as a result of the relevance of the sector which to date has a pipeline of USD 9 billion in projects in the following sectors:

Projects to begin construction in 2020 – 2021

First line of Bogota’s Metro    Bosa Hospital                                Santa Clara Hospital

Bogota's subwaw   Bosa's Hospital   Santa Clara Hospital

More information                          More information                         More information

Usme Hospital                               Regiotram                                    Soacha’s Transmilenio Phase 2&3

Usme's Hospital   Regiotram   Soacha's Transmilenio

More information                            More information                      More information

Upcoming Projects

To be awarded 2021:

Canoas WWTP                        ALO Sur                                      Accesos Norte II

PTAR Canoas   ALO Sur   Accesos Norte

SITP Fleet Renovation

Extensión transmilenio

Under Structuring & Design Phase:

Tren del Norte                      Triángulo de Fenicia           Lagos de Torca

Tren del norte   Triangulo de Fenicia   Lagos de Torca

CAD                                           Bronx Creative District       San Cristóbal Cable Car 

 CAD   Bronx Bogotá   Cable aéreo San Cristobal

Usaquén Cable Car                Ciudad Bolívar Cable Car       13th Street road corridor   

Cable Aéreo Usaquen    Cable Ciudad Bolívar   Calle 13

Materno Infantil Hospital    Simón Bolívar Hospital        Engativá Hospital

Hospital Materno infantil   Hospital Simón bolivar   Hospital de engativá

7th Avenue Green Corridor    Ciclo Alameda del Medio Milenio     Bogota’s Metro (Suba-Engativa)           

Corredor verde carrera séptima   Ciclo alameda del medio milenio   Metro (Suba - Engativa)

Solid Waste                              El campin Stadium   

Residuos sólidos   Estadio el Campín

(Discover: Infrastructure to generate more clean water and enable environmental sustainability in Bogota) 

Companies Support: Testimonial


“As part of the Bapi Telecomunicacoes group in Brazil, Coli Tecnología opens its doors in Colombia in 2018 to expand its portfolio and operations from Bogota. Invest in Bogota has supported us through the setup process by establishing the first contact with certain entities already established in Colombia in order to start a commercial relationship and understand the functioning of the local market. This intervention has facilitated our growth process in Colombia. We would like to thank the infrastructure team from Invest in Bogota for their unconditional support throughout this year and for their assistance with the requirements we have had.”

Lina Acevedo Sepulveda
Business Development
Coli Tecnología

Systra, a global consulting company in engineering

(mm/dd/yyyy): 01/12/2021

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