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For more than 20 years, Bogota’s IT sector has provided Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) and Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services for clients in a wide range of verticals. Thus, the abundance of trained human resources and top quality technological infrastructure, have consolidated the enabling environment to establish Bogota as an offshore platform for local and multinational companies.

Why Locate in Bogota?

  • Growing Market: Colombia has the third largest labor force in the region and the second largest among the Spanish speaking countries. Bogota concentrates 25% of the total labor force followed by Antioquia with 14%, Valle 10%, Atlántico 5%, and Santander 5%. 

Labor Force in Latam, 2017  (Million)

Labor Force in Latam, 2017 (Million)


Fuente: IDC

Labor Force in Colombia by Regions, 2017

Labor Force in Colombia by Regions


Fuente: IDC



  • Human Capital: In Bogota, there is a population of approximately 84,000 graduates of engineering professionals related to the IT sector. Consequently, the labor market of Bogota, over 4,6 million people, is constantly strengthened, generating a greater scalability potential for IT operations in the city. Additionally, Bogota concentrates 71% of bilingual talent within the Colombian labor market.

Graduate students in Systems & Telematic Engineering and similar in Colombia 2001-2016


Graduate Students in Systems and telematic engineering and similar


Source: Ministry of Education, National Information System for Higher Education, Labor Observatory for Education.

Bilingualism in Colombia – 2015




Source: Estudio de Bilingüismo en el Mercado laboral Colombiano, Fedesarrollo, 2015. 
  • Cost structure: The IT industry in Bogota offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for wages when compared to other Latin-American cities.

Average Salary for IT operations in Bogota USD 2016




Source: Invest in Bogota calculations based in regional salaries studies.


  • Strategic Location: According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook -IMD. Colombia was the first country in Latin America and one of the 10 countries in the region with the highest investment in Telecommunications. Additionally, three submarine cables have come into operation during the last year, completing access to 10 submarine cables. This is a remarkable figure when considering the five existing in 2010.  

Bogota’s IT Sector

81% of the medium and large IT companies in Colombia are in Bogota.

Concentration of the IT sector




Source: Externado de Colombia University Calculations, DANE, Superintendence of Business.
  • During 2015 and 2016 the IT sector had experienced a growth of 40%, becoming a promising sector in the Colombian economy. 

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