The 2nd edition of BCapital in Bogota will be like this:

Circle of fashion

Bcapital, the shopwindow of the creative fashion industry will be in Bogota from October 19 to 21.


Inexmoda arrives in Bogota, loaded with fashion experiences, know-how and lifestyles, where the city will open its arms to unique spaces that revolve around the Fashion System: Bsmart, Bfashion and Bcool, the three components of BCapital. 

It includes talks and lectures that will turn the event into an intellectual and educational stance. Catwalks, performances and flash mobs, where the younger and most significant talents and contemporary brands will take the stage and finally, the pop-up store, showcases of new talent and an eclectic combination of gastronomy, art, photography, music and fashion films.

This event presents the most innovative aspects of current fashion, bringing together in one space all young creative people of this industry. 

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