30 de January 2018

37% of all Colombian graduates are from Bogota campuses


"Bogota accounts for 19% of the country's workforce. An almost threefold increase in the number of higher-education graduates over the past 15 years reflects the skilled workforce available in the capital to meet the needs of foreign companies that decide to invest in the city," says Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota.

As noted above, the city, with an estimated eight million inhabitants, "went from graduating 39,192 undergraduate and 12,058 postgraduate students in 2002 to 104,489 undergraduates and 37,033 postgraduates in 2016".

Pérez goes on to say that "it has 117 higher education institutions, about half of the country’s total. Most of the talent is concentrated in the areas of engineering, economic and administrative sciences, architecture and urbanism, and social sciences.”

Invest in Bogota looks on the Colombian capital as "a city of young people" where an economically active population of 4.6 million people has settled and where, including neighboring municipalities, 142,929 higher-education students graduated in 2015, versus 138,897 in Argentina and 12,036 in Uruguay for the same year.

Other official figures show that in 2016 a total of 37,033 students finished their postgraduate and 104,489 their undergraduate studies. Meanwhile, of the sum of graduates in Colombia during the last ten years, 37.1% graduated from higher education institutes in Bogota. The city is also home to 71.5% of the bilingual working population, 38.9% of which is between 20 and 29.