24 de February 2016

40 foreign investment projects arrived in Bogota in 2015, thanks to the intermediation of Invest in Bogota

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82.5% of these were new projects and 17.5% were implemented by companies already settled in the city seeking to expand and reinforce their operations.

40 foreign investment projects arrived in Bogota in 2015, thanks to the intermediation of Invest in Bogota

The estimated investment intention of these companies totalled USD 487 million generating approximately 3,000 direct jobs. Moreover, four of them were considered "anchors" or companies whose characteristics help to develop the value chain ecosystem of a sector or industry prioritized by the city and to create jobs with higher added-value.

According to Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of the organization, these figures serve to indicate the level of confidence that foreign entrepreneurs have when evaluating investment opportunities in the country's Capital, since they consider that Bogota is an attractive market, one that is constantly growing and which represents a strong value proposition that encourages investment for productive purposes.

The foreign companies that form part of this investment come mostly from Spain, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Italy and Mexico and they operate in the IT & BPO services, light manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, biotechnology, investment funds and creative industries sectors.

Among the most prominent investment cases were: the new drug manufacturing plant of Bluepharma of Portugal in the Intexzona free zone; the arrival of the Japanese firm Castem dedicated to the manufacture of high-precision metal mechanical elements for the medical device industry; the BPO center for bilingual medical services of the US firm EXL Services; and the arrival of the French firm Decathlon, a leading European chain specializing in sporting goods.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bogota between 2005 and 2015[1]

In the past 10 years, the Bogota Region has received approximately USD 14.134 billion in new foreign direct investment (greenfield FDI) through 544 projects companies from different countries. This proves that over the past decade, the country's capital has established itself as one of the main business centers of Latin America

Meanwhile, the sectors that received the most significant amounts of investment during this same time period were communications (USD 2.6 billion), financial services (USD 2 billion), consumer products (USD 1.8 billion), transport (USD 850 million), food (USD 770 million) and software and IT services (USD 725 million).

Between January and December 2015 alone there were significant investments by major companies such as Grupo Roble (USD 270 million), Coca-Cola (USD 250 million), Grenergy Renewables (USD 155.5 million), General Motors (USD 100 million), Parque Arauco (USD 98.5 million), NH Hotels Group (USD 97 million), Frey Wille (USD 90.6 million), Carat London (USD 79.8 million), among others.

Despite the recent international economic outlook that is impacting the country, Bogota has consolidated, over the last decade, a value proposition that is very attractive to foreign investors. In this sense, although it is likely that some fluctuations occur in the amount of new investment coming into the city, Invest in Bogota estimates that in 2016, the trend so far registered will continue, with growth levels close to 9% compared to 2015.This means that Bogota will continue to appear on the radar of international investors, positioning itself as one of the top investment destinations in Colombia and Latin America.

About Invest in Bogota

Invest in Bogota is the investment promotion agency of Bogota and its region. It is an affiliate of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor’s Office of Bogota. The agency provides free and confidential support to foreign companies seeking to make added-value investments in Bogota – for further information, please contact:


[1] Estimated investment in greenfield projects in the Bogota Region, based on company information, fDi Markets, Announcements and Investment Cases of ProColombia and Investment Certification reports of Invest in Bogota.